Buffalo Wild Wings Truffalo Sauce might make you eat with your pinky out

BWW Truffalo Sauce, photo provided by BWW
BWW Truffalo Sauce, photo provided by BWW /

Ready to give your favorite chicken wings a flavor upgrade? Buffalo Wild Wings Truffalo Sauce is here for a limited time. The name might instantly give you a hint of the sauce flavors. In an elevated food mash-up, the sauce is a combination of real white truffles and buffalo sauce. Has America’s favorite sports bar gone bougie?

Recent food trends have leaned toward elevated flavors. When people might not be able to take a flight to Italy for some truffles, those flavors are coming into the home kitchen. More importantly, cooks are looking to use those delicacies in a variety of recipes. Truffles can be used in more ways than just shaved on top of pasta.

The Buffalo Wild Wings Truffalo Sauce is made with real white truffles. The truffle flavor brings an earthy flavor. While the truffles are related to a mushroom, the flavor is more pungent. Once you have smelled that alluring aroma, you will crave a taste.

By adding the truffles to a spicy buffalo sauce, the flavor is tangy, spicy and even a touch sweet. Whether enjoyed on a traditional wing or a boneless wing, this sauce needs to be savored. While you might not be enjoying a glass of Bordello with this dish, you can wash it down with the champagne of beers.

Although the Buffalo Wild Wings Truffalo Sauce is meant for the wings, you might try to bribe the staff for an extra container for your fries. This sauce would be an amazing dipping sauce, too.

This limited-edition sauce joins the other 26 sauces and seasonings on the BWW menu. Last fall, the bold Blazin’ Carolina Repper had people feeling the burn and the Lemon Pepper had people asking for more. Basically, there is a sauce and a seasoning for any craving.

The new Buffalo Wild Wings Truffalo Sauce is available now. If you want a taste, go place an order before it says arrivederci.

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What is your favorite BWW sauce? Do you always pick the same sauce or do you vary your choices?