Easter dessert recipes that will make you fall in love with Peeps

Peeps Easter Desserts, photo provided by Peeps
Peeps Easter Desserts, photo provided by Peeps /

Looking for some tasty and creative Easter dessert recipes? As Easter candy season begins, Peeps are hopping onto store shelves. These Easter dessert recipes will have everyone falling in love with those iconic marshmallow candies. Whether you like the bunnies or chicks, these desserts give those Peeps a new look. From baking to semi-homemade desserts, it is time to satisfy that sweet tooth.

While the Easter Bunny might love to put a few extra Peeps in the Easter basket, that Easter candy can be transformed into a variety of Easter dessert recipes. From simple decorative ideas to elaborate creations worthy of Food Network’s Easter Basket Challenge, there are plenty of recipes that will have everyone excited for a hopping good dessert.

Recently, Peeps partnered with Duncan Hines to offer a variety of Easter dessert recipes. Whether you purchase the Duncan Hines and PEEPS Spring Baking Kit from Amazon or purchase ingredients separately, these recipes will be the star of the Easter table. Ready to get into the kitchen?

Peeps are taking over Easter dessert recipes.

While there are several dessert recipe ideas, a few desserts deserve prime space on the table. From being easy to make to the stunning appearance, these desserts might become an annual tradition. More importantly, those Peeps will get devoured before Mother’s Day.

Easter dessert recipes using Peeps
Peeps Easter Desserts, Easter dessert board, photo provided by Peeps /

Following a big food trend, the Peeps Duncan Hines Giant Easter Dessert Board is the easiest dessert idea. Since people love to graze, this dessert board is perfect for the end of an Easter brunch. With some fruit, candy and a few baked goods, it is a smorgasbord of delights. And, if you aren’t the best baker, you can include some pre-made desserts. The Easter bunny understands.

If you made waffles for brunch, use the leftovers in waffles ice cream sandwiches. While Duncan Hines recommends Cake Batter waffles, you can use your preferred flavor. Just remember to make those waffles fluffy and crisp. The combination of flavors and textures makes this ice cream sandwich a huge hit.

Since everyone loves pizza, why not create a dessert pizza. The Peeps Duncan Hines Easter Fruit Pizza ensures that everyone gets a little fruit with that candy. You can even try to sneak a little more fruit onto the pizza. With this pizza, it is time to take that pesky negative “g” word out of the food vocabulary.

Lastly, the Peeps make the perfect decoration for a cake. Whether you make a Chocolate Crunch Layer Cake or a Strawberry Lemonade Bark Cake, the options are many.

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Could these Easter dessert recipes make you love Peeps? What is your favorite way to enjoy Peeps?