Gaylord Palms raises the bar on the creative cocktail conversation

Art Bar Coktails, photo provided by Gaylorad Palms
Art Bar Coktails, photo provided by Gaylorad Palms /

At the Gaylord Palms, the creative cocktails are just as alluring as the relaxing getaway that the resort offers. While guests enjoy lounging by the pools or taking a journey down the new Crystal River Rapids, the activities are perfectly paired with innovative refreshment. As the day winds down, isn’t it time to sip the cares away?

Over the past year, many people have started to explore their mixology skills. Instead of just pouring another glass of wine, a cocktail is often filling that empty glass. Even though many people enjoy shaking up a tasty refreshment, sometimes the cocktail experts can push the boundaries even more.

Currently, the Gaylord Palms is hosting a Spring event. While the kids will enjoy the Once Upon A Spring performance, the parents will want to sneak away to the Art Bar for one of the creative cocktails. Once cocktail lovers see these delights, they might want to enjoy one of each.

From the smoke infused bubbles that add flavor to the hidden flowers encased in ice, these cocktails are as beautiful in their imagery as they are with the robust flavors. Sometimes pushing the boundaries can open people’s eyes to even more possibilities.

The new Art Bar is just the most recent example of the cocktail creativity at the Gaylord Palms. From the Pirate themed bar earlier this year to the Spookeasy at Halloween, the reality is that these cocktails are more than just another margarita or gin and tonic.

From pushing the color story to offering new twists on old favorites, the cocktail offerings make the resort a must see and experience destination. While many people know the stunning atrium and relaxing grounds, the addition of a robust food and beverage program brings guests time and again.

More importantly, those experiences are the stories that resonate long after the visit. Although it might be difficult to recreate that smoke bubble at home, that alluring aroma and the seductive sip will linger in that food memory.

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Whether guests get a chance to visit the Art Bar for Spring or can experience the next seasonal offering, the truth is that creative cocktails can be found behind the Gaylord Palms bar. Even if you don’t believe your eyes, you will want to take another sip.