New vitaminwater flavors bring bold tastes to the hydration game

new vitaminwater flavors including look and gutsy, photo provided by vitamin water
new vitaminwater flavors including look and gutsy, photo provided by vitamin water /

For over 25 years, vitaminwater has shown that hydration is far from boring. With two new vitaminwater flavors, gusty and look, the names call attention to the beverage brand’s evolving conversation. Are you ready to take that sip, again?

As a leader in hydration beverages, vitaminwater set itself apart on the shelf long before the term “functional beverages” was part of the food trend. With 12 beverages in both its zero sugar and base line, there is a flavor and function for each and every part of the day. From the morning rise and shine moment to the end of the day moments to refresh and revive, there is a beverage for each and every occasion.

While the functional aspect of vitaminwater appeals to many people, others are drawn to the flavors first. From the invigorating acai-blueberry-pomegranate to refreshing kiwi strawberry, the taste draws people back time and again. The exciting flavors keeps hydration from becoming stagnant and boring.

How are the new vitaminwater flavors changing the hydration game?

Given the variety in the vitaminwater line, the two new vitaminwater flavors seem to capture a current sentiment. Under the Zero Sugar line, the new flavors are gusty and look. Given the uncertainty of the past year, both of those feelings might be way that people want to embrace the future. It is time to look ahead and capture the gutsy nature of what is possible.

The new look flavor has been created to support eye health by adding vitamin A and lutein. The vibrant purple hue invokes the blueberry, hibiscus flavor. A touch floral and slightly sweet, the beverage is quite refreshing.

Whether drunk from the bottle or served over ice, this vitaminwater is perfect on a warm day. Although it cannot guarantee that you will see the forest through the trees, it might reveal that a clearer picture to your day.

The other new flavor, gutsy, takes a bold approach. With the addition of prebiotic fiber, this nutrient enhanced beverage might make you feel a little more grounded. Although many people believe in trusting their gut, this beverage focuses on the good for you parts.

Combining watermelon and peach, the flavor has a touch of summertime nostalgia. Although it might not make you want to go back in time, the flavors are classic yet inviting. And, who wouldn’t rather drink some fiber than eat another plate of broccoli. Even grandma would approve of that statement.

The new vitaminwater flavors join the many other flavors in its base and zero sugar line. The new flavors will be available at various retailers.

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What do you think of the functional beverages market? Do you choose a beverage based on flavor or function?