Hidden Valley Ranch makes ranch refreshing thanks to Dentyne

Hidden Valley Ranch makes ranch refreshing thanks to Dentyne, photo provided by Hidden Valley Ranch
Hidden Valley Ranch makes ranch refreshing thanks to Dentyne, photo provided by Hidden Valley Ranch /

Prepared for Hidden Valley Ranch Dentyne? Tired of just enjoying Hidden Valley Ranch at the table? Doesn’t that refreshing ranch flavor need to be part of the day, wherever you go? Luckily, the Dentyne Splash Gum with Ranch Filling is that new refreshment that can make your day just seem tastier. Ready to chew on this food idea?

Product collaborations are happening more and more often. Sure, there are some ideas that people crave and others that are perplexing. Not many people would have asked for a Bud Light Seltzer Pizza flavor, but one sip could change their minds.

Since ranch fans are quite passionate about their love of ranch, Hidden Valley Ranch has found a new way to bring that ranch deliciousness to new form of enjoyment. It isn’t the first time that the brand has thought outside of the box. Remember those HVR Holiday stockings from the past holidays?

What is Hidden Valley Ranch Dentyne Splash Gum with Ranch Filling?

Sometimes the day needs a little flavor boost. While mint might be bright and event fruity flavors can be refreshing, it could be time for a savory gum. Did HVR just discover the next big food trend?

But, the product collaboration isn’t stopping at gum. The brands are also offering Hidden Valley Blasted Spicy Cinnamon Dipping Sauce. Although some people subscribe to dipping OREOS in ranch, this flavor combination is a different choice. Maybe it is a new approach to the grilled chicken for summer barbecues. Does a sweet, savory, spicy heat sound appealing?

While there have been some interesting frankenfood offerings over the years, these ideas might need to stay in the science fiction realm. Luckily, it is all a good April Fools joke.

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Then again, is the idea really that far from reality? Maybe some food scientist has really found a connection between ranch and minty gum. Lamb and mint are a classic food pairing. Or, maybe it will become the next TikTok challenge.