5 Stores always open on the Easter holiday including Easter 2021

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While the Easter bunny is hopping around on Easter, these five stores are open on Easter,  including Easter 2021, like most years in the past. Whether you forgot a special Easter candy, cracked too many eggs while decorating, or just need an excuse to get out of the house, these stores will be open.

Sometimes, the home cook forgets something on a holiday. While Christmas and Thanksgiving often sees most stores closed, Easter has a few more stories that are open.

It isn’t that everyone thinks that Easter is a less important holiday, but the variable date can make it hard for people to remember when it is celebrated.

5 stores always open on Easter


Yes, thank heaven for 7-Eleven. America’s convenience store will be open, but some store hours might vary. And, it could be the perfect time to grab that PEEPS latte. From the bright color to the sweet flavor, it is best to enjoy it before the coffee is gone.


Like many holidays, Walgreens will be open on Easter. It is best to check with locations to see if certain hours will change. Still, for that last minute Easter candy, Walgreens is always a great choice.


For many people, Walmart is their go-to shopping destination. Similar to previous years, Walmart is set to be open on Easter 2021. Still, it is best to check with local stores for any modified hours.


If you need that headache medicine because the kids ate too much Easter candy, CVS will be there to help. Many of the 24-hour locations will be ready to serve guests no matter what they need.


That caffeine fix doesn’t take a break just because it is a holiday. Most Starbucks locations will be open on Easter 2021. It is best to check with the Starbucks app for hours. And, since Target is closed, those in-store locations will not be open.

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What are you plans for Easter 2021? Could one of these stores save you holiday?