Aldi Springfest brings savory strudels that need to be savored

Aldi Springfest, photo provided by Aldi
Aldi Springfest, photo provided by Aldi /

Move over Oktoberfest because Aldi Springfest brings the best German bites to the Spring table. While you might not find a Marzen style beer, the reality is that these German food finds are a taste to remember. Grab that Radler and say prost to some delicious food.

Aldi Springfest begins on April 7 with a variety of German food finds. With more than 10 various items on the Aldi finds list, these limited time foods bring a taste of Bavaria. While you don’t have to wear a pair of lederhosen at the table, everyone is welcome to break into a polka after the feast.

Creating the perfect German meal doesn’t have to be filled with copious amounts of cabbage or a plate full of sausage. Sometimes, a little food creativity on the plate can bring a taste of the region without becoming overpowering.

What Aldi Springfest finds are must buys?

Looking at the Aldi Springfest items, the must have item is definitely the savory strudels. While many people might think of a strudel as an apple filled dessert, it doesn’t have to be the only filling.

These savory strudels, Deutsche Küche Spinach & Ricotta or Artichoke & Cheese
Savory Strudels, would be perfect for dinner. Served with a simple arugula salad, the flaky pastry with the rich filling will be delightful.

Also, consider serving this German food with the Schloss Obermann German Sekt. This sparkling wine has citrus and almond flavors. It is a very versatile sparkling wine.

Of course, there are a several Bavarian pretzels, cabbage mix, mustard and even some German style pickles. There is even the always popular Museli.

Lastly, don’t forget to buy one of the German desserts, like the Deutsche Küche Donauwelle or
Bienenstich Indulgent Cake. These two sweet treats are the perfect end to any meal. After all, there is always room for dessert.

The Aldi Springfest finds begin on April 7 and are available while supplies last. Check with local Aldi stores for availability.

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What is your favorite Aldi find? Do you make weekly trips to your local store?