Coors Pure is the USDA-certified organic beer people are running for, literally

Coors Pure, the USDA-certified organic beer, photo provided by Coors
Coors Pure, the USDA-certified organic beer, photo provided by Coors /

Ready to run for beer? To launch Coors Pure, the first Molson Coors USDA-certified organic beer, the beer brand is encouraging people to run. If you are ready for this beer run, lace up the sneakers and it could get you a free beer.

While food and beverage trends have embraced hard seltzers, beer drinkers do not want to be left behind. From calorie conscious, low carb options that fit within a balanced lifestyle to boldly hoppy craft beers, there is a beer for every occasion, flavor preference or just because moment.

Even though the beer shelf might be full, innovation continues to happen. With the launch of Coors Pure, the brand looks to its iconic Rocky Mountain roots as inspiration. While the traditional mountains might be featured on Coors products, that symbol is more than just an image, it represents the core of what the beer brand represents.

When beer drinkers open a Coors beer, they expect a crisp taste. With the Coors Pure, that flavor comes through in each sip with the quality ingredients. The USDA-certified organic light beer is only 92 calories, has zero sugar, low bitterness, and light effervescence.

Marcelo Pascoa, Vice President of Marketing at Molson Coors, said “Coors Pure is the answer for beer drinkers who are looking for an organic, low calorie option without sacrificing the refreshment they know and love from Coors.”

But, why are people running for Coors Pure?

To celebrate the launch of this new Coors beer, the brand is holding a beer run. This idea isn’t about running to the store to grab a six-pack. Instead, the idea fits into the brand’s connection to an active lifestyle.

Coors Pure beer run
Coors Pure, photo provided by Coors /

Pascoa said, “As we approach Summer, more exercise enthusiasts are making their ways to parks and streets across the country, and we’re excited to introduce a beer that is the perfect refreshment for those who also try to live a healthier life.” With that concept in mind, its time for a beer run.

People who participate in this beer run could receive a free 12-pack of Coors Pure. For runners in New York City, professional runners in Central Park will be running from 7 am till 9 a.m. on April 7. Anyone who scans the QR code on their shirts can redeem it for a free beer rebate.

Plus, any runner can join the free beer promotion. Simply track a beer-can shaped run on a running app and send the pic to It doesn’t say how long the run needs to be, just that the shape looks like a beer can. This offer runs from April 7 through April 14. For more information, please visit Who doesn’t like an iced cold beer after a run?

Whether you need a little motivation to get those miles in or just want to get some free beer, it might be time to run for beer. And, the new Coors Pure will be waiting with that clean, crispy Rocky Mountain refreshment. Thirsty for a beer yet?

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