3 pantry items that Nailed It’s culinary producer always has on the shelf

NAILED IT Season 5 Episode The Burbank State Fair of NAILED IT. Cr. NETFLIX ©2021
NAILED IT Season 5 Episode The Burbank State Fair of NAILED IT. Cr. NETFLIX ©2021 /

While these three pantry items might not make you the next Jacques Torres, Nailed It’s culinary producer, Kim Seeley believes that these items can make anyone a better baker. Just like following a great recipe is important to a successful dessert, the best ingredients will make a huge difference in taste.

Recently, FoodSided spoke with Kim Seeley, the Magical Elves culinary producer for Nailed It, the Netflix baking and comedy show. During that conversation, she shared several tips and tricks that can build any baker’s confidence. Even though mistakes can happen in any kitchen, a few ideas can put anyone on a successful path.

When asked what kitchen essentials or pantry items are always stocked on her shelf, Seeley shared the following three items, a really good vanilla, kosher salt and some good pipping tips. Are you checking your pantry right now?

Do you have these Nailed It recommended pantry items?

Seeley’s recommendation for vanilla needs to come with a little more description. Not all bottles of vanilla are the same. She recommended spending a little more money and getting a really good vanilla.

Although Seeley said that sometimes “vanilla is an unrated ingredient,” it does make a big difference in flavor. There is a significant flavor difference between real vanilla and imitation vanilla. Even though there is a cost varies, the flavor will make bakers want to spend the money.

In addition, Seeley reminded everyone that fresh vanilla is important. Just like those spices that have sat on the shelf too long, the old vanilla will not be as flavorful. Buy a small bottle, use it up and buy another one.

The second pantry item that Seeley recommends is kosher salt. As she had shared previously, kosher salt can make the difference in baking execution. Since kosher salt can be used in both sweet and savory dishes, it is a kitchen workhorse. It is always important to have a big box on the shelf.

Lastly, Seeley recommends that the home baker have a good set of pipping tips. With that decorating tool, the baker can do almost anything. From delicate flowers to intricate designs, the possibilities are many.

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It is time to check the shelves for to ensure that these pantry items are there. Nailed It’s culinary producer is an expert baker and it is time to listen to her advice. Are you ready to get baking?