Celebrating 4/20 Day goes beyond satisfying the munchies

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While times might have changed over the years, the reality is that 4/20 Day has taken a different turn. Now many brands are stepping out of the smoke and offering their take on the pop culture event.

Even though this holiday has become more mainstream, it begs the question if the celebration is getting a little clouded. What was once a hidden diversion for a select few is now a communal experience. In some ways, it might be the new Cinco De Mayo celebration.

Although people do not need to play into stereotypes, there is something to be said about tuning in and turning out for a period of time. Whether or not the munchies are part of that experience remains to be seen.

For example, Jimmy Johns featured Fresh Baked Thoughts all day long. In some ways, this bread mindfulness journey shouldn’t be limited to just 4/20 Day. Does everyone need a little bread diversion to their day? Sometimes a moment to the savor The Sandwich of Sandwiches should be put on the to-do list.

Sweet and Low offered Sweet and High limited-edition t-shirts. This idea follows the brand’s April Fool’s joke. While the brand did not permanently change its name, the special offer can be interpreted in many ways. Sometimes it is good to take the high road and avoid that shade.


Denny’s focuses on lounging with its Pancake Stack slippers. These Pro Loungers were only available on Grailed but the idea seems to be a bigger food and fashion trend. Even beyond the ath-leisure apparel, there are many food and culture crossovers. Maybe in the past year, people have a better understand that we are what we wear as much as we are what we eat.

And, given that many people have been sitting home in the past year, there are bound to be stories that make people think. That idea might be behind the Stok campaign.

The program asks “drivers to share their “wildest, funniest or most interesting delivery stories” for a chance to win. No one has to be in an altered state to find these tales humorous.

Lastly, Hotels.com knows that late night cravings can be even more dire when away from home. It is even helping make a dent in that room delivery order.

Even Ryan Reynolds joined the conversation as the panda in the HighKey ad. If you didn’t know, Reynolds is the voice for that sugar panda. For 4/20 Day, the brand is offering “20% off with a low shipping price of $4.20 and “Plenty 4 20 Bundle” which includes 6 bags of cookies for only $20.”

The reality is that food and culture is changing. Whether it is how a food holiday is celebrated or becoming more accepting of cultural norms, people evolve. If anyone thought that brands would be hosting 4/20 events 10 years ago, they would have been surprised. Maybe the next trend has to do with that little drone that just flew on Mars.

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What do you think of these 4/20 Day celebrations? Can you guess the next taboo item that becomes mainstream?