Potash Twins play a delicious plant-based riff on favorite recipes

Potash Twins for Gardein, photo provided by Gardein
Potash Twins for Gardein, photo provided by Gardein /

Many people know the Potash Twins (aka The Takeout Twins) from stage and screen. The talented jazz musicians know how to hit all the right notes on stage, and they always know how to compose a delicious meal in the kitchen. While many people have adopted plant-based food choices as part of a food trend, the brothers have embraced vegetable forward recipes long before it was trending. Now, with their recent partnership with Gardein, more home cooks can bring some improvisation to popular dishes.

Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with the Potash Twins, Adeev and Ezra, ahead of a special event with Gardein where they will be sharing some of the recipe riffs on some classic dishes. For the brothers, this partnership hits all the right notes.

Although they have traveled with world thanks to their award winning jazz talents, the pair have become well-respected foodies. With the help of their Food Network and Bravo shows, the Takeout Twins have discovered their unique approach to culinary creativity.

While many people have seen the pair offer their takes on transforming restaurant dishes into a home made meal, it is more than just a copy cat recipe. For the Potash Twins, they seem to want to inspire people to cook.

As they said, many of their recipes and ideas take “food that you wouldn’t normally make at home” and they “make them approachable for everybody.” For them, it isn’t about being a “three-star Michelin chef” but it is about bringing those flavors to the home kitchen.

What can people taste through the Potash Twins and Gardein partnership?

Through this partnership with Gardein, the brothers wanted to bring food and flavors that they love from around the world and add a plant-based twist to the recipe. One example that they mentioned was Butter Chicken.

For the brothers, that dish is their “barometer dish whenever we’re traveling.” Even though they “didn’t grow up eating” it, they find the dish super flavorful and a great way to introduce the Gardein plant-based chicken strips. From the recipe that they provide to even just borrowing aspects from their recipe, the idea is to think outside of the box and embrace that cooking creativity.

Since the Potash Twins had grown up in a vegetarian lifestyle, they appreciate the evolution of the plant-based food offerings. Instead of just a portion of tofu or a veggie burger, now the shelf is full of options. They believe that “there is nothing holding you back” because these food choices are a “clean slate” for a limitless about of possibilities.

In some ways, the brothers appreciate that openness to being creative because of their musical background. Often jazz musicians appreciate the improvisational aspect to that style of music.

When asked, the Potash Twins shared that jazz “is all about getting out of your comfort zone” while “finding and making it comfortable to you and everybody else.” In a way, it is embracing the uncomfortable to creating the perfect comfort zone. It might sound counter-intuitive, but it can hit all the right notes.

The same idea applies to cooking and recipe creation. As they shared, trying new recipes can be about making “something you think he would never be able make” and making it great. More importantly, it is about making it again and again and improving on it. Just like that jazz improvisational moment, the more comfortable you are with the ingredients, the more possibilities become available.

When looking at the recipes that the Potash Twins created, it is more than just swapping ingredients for a plant-based choice. Each dish is layered in flavors and textures. From the mushy peas in a Fish and Chips recipe to the rich sauce in the butter chicken, the pair are trying to bring that global flavor experience to the home kitchen,

As the brothers shared, being able to travel the world with their music has opened doors beyond the stage. From connecting with people to new experiences, those moments are meant to be cherished.

When they explained a simple dish that they fell in love while in China, it wasn’t necessarily about the seasonal ingredients in the classic dish. As they told the story, it was about the memory and how they felt while eating it. In many ways, these recipes and that experience is what they are trying to convey to others.

Luckily, Gardein is offering foodies an opportunity to have their own dinner conversation with the Potash Twins. Now through May 20, foodies can take the Plant-Based Double Take Challenge. The idea is to swap out meat for Gardein products in some favorite dishes. All rules can be found on Gardein’s website.

Isn’t it time to play a different tune with some favorite recipes? Make a swap with some Gardein products and see how the dish plays out. Whether you use some of the Potash Twins recipes or create your own, that ingredient swap might hit all the right notes.

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What is your best advice to making some simple recipe swaps? Are you up to play a new tune in the kitchen?