Trix Yogurt is back and this is no silly rabbit trick

Trix Yogurt returns, photo provided by Yoplait
Trix Yogurt returns, photo provided by Yoplait /

Sometimes food needs to be fun and Trix Yogurt brings a little playfulness back to that favorite snack. After being gone since 2016, the Yoplait yogurt offering is coming back to store shelves this May. Are you ready to bring a little fun to the next spoonful?

Yoplait yogurt has a variety of brands under its umbrella. From classic flavors that have been a refrigerator staple to playful, brand collaborations, there is always a reason to open a container of yogurt.

The return of Trix Yogurt will have many people quite excited. Regardless of age, this colorful, fun yogurt deserves a moment of celebration. Although you do not have to put on bunny ears or do a special TikTok dance, it is totally acceptable to embrace that gleeful sentiment.

The 8-cup package features two flavors, strawberry and berry. While there is one flavor per cup, the yogurt has two colors, per cup. The strawberry is pink and green; the berry is purple and blue.

Trix Yogurt by Yoplait
Trix Yogurt returns, photo provided by Yoplait /

Even though it might appear that the two colors are different flavors, it might just be a little mental trick. Everyone knows that “Tricks” likes to play some games. Whether you eat a color at a time or swirl, this yogurt is about having a little fun with food.

The return of the Trix Yogurt seems to be part of a growing food trend. Many brands are bringing back fan favorites to many consumers’ delight. Whether it is a taste from childhood or celebrating a momentous birthday, the classic phrase of “old is new again” seems to be driving the food conversation.

Trix Yogurt will be available at Walmart and SuperValu starting in May. The suggested retail price is $4.00.

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What childhood favorite food would you like to see back on the shelf? What food is always a staple in your refrigerator or pantry?