Most delicious pancake recipes that will get wows at the table

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Move over plain flapjacks, these delicious pancake recipes will get rave reviews from everyone around the table. From a special occasion to a Sunday brunch, pancakes are always a tasty choice. Ready to get flipping?

While cooks can debate the secret to the fluffiest pancake or the perfect thickness of a pancake, the reality is that this simple food lends itself to cooking creativity. In some ways, that circle of flour might be a blank slate.

Many people use the toppings to bring the flavor to the most delicious pancake recipes. Some ways, that idea is an easy option. From fruit to nuts to even some chocolate chips, there are a plethora of options.

Even if you do not have the ability to make pancakes, you could order Denny’s on Demand and transform them into semi-homemade recipes. With a Grand Slam Family Pack, a pancake bar could be a tasty option. Just make sure that you have enough pancakes to go around. Even though the Family Pack serves four people, that number might not include hungry teenagers. No one wants to be left with some strawberries and a bowl of syrups.