White Cheddar Chex Mix lends itself to creative flavor combinations

White Cheddar Chex Mix, photo provided by Chex
White Cheddar Chex Mix, photo provided by Chex /

One of the classic snack mixes is getting a flavor upgrade. The new White Cheddar Chex Mix will be coming to stores nationwide in mid-June. While Stop & Shop is currently selling the newest flavor, a question has been raised. What are some of the best ways to enjoy this new snack flavor?

Chex Mix has become a family favorite. While many people have transformed that classic cereal into their own homemade version, the reality is that grabbing a bag and enjoying a handful has the convenience that people crave.

Over the years, Chex Mix has offered a variety of flavor options. From the traditional flavor to the Max’D flavors, there is a taste for every craving. From spicy one day to a sweeter version, it can difficult to pick a favorite.

With the new White Cheddar Chex Mix, the flavor brings a different cheesy flavor. While classic cheddar has been part of the brand’s line-up, this new version offers a slightly different flavor. And, fingers get a little less orange-colored after too many handfuls.

Although many people will happily grab a bag and get snacking, the new flavor begs the question, can you mix this flavor with other flavors for some snacking creativity? If so, what flavors would be tasty?

One idea would be to borrow a combination from the popcorn world. Thinking about that cheddar and caramel popcorn mix, why not combine the new White Cheddar Chex Mix with some honey nut flavor. The honey notes are similar to a caramel, but not quite as sweet. For a sweeter option, consider combining the Turtle with the White Cheddar. Sometimes a little salty and sweet can hit all the right notes.

If spice is the food trend in the house, the White Cheddar goes delightfully well with the Bold or the Hot and Spicy. Basically, there are many reasons to grab another bag of this new flavor.

The White Cheddar Chex Mix can be purchased now at Stop & Shop and other grocery stores and retailers will have the snack available starting in mid-June. A medium-sized bag has a suggested retail price of $3.09 and a Family Size bag has a suggested retail price of $3.99.

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What is your favorite Chex Mix flavor? Do you make your own recipe or do you just grab a bag?