What should be the new Kellogg’s MASHUPS cereal flavor?

New Kellogg's MASHUPS cereal, photo provided by Kellogg's
New Kellogg's MASHUPS cereal, photo provided by Kellogg's /

If you haven’t poured a bowl of Kellogg’s MASHUPS cereal, why not? When the Kellogg’s cereal first hit store shelves many people’s reactions were why hasn’t this cereal been done previously or who doesn’t mix up two cereals in one bowl. Kellogg’s found a way to streamline the process and make one box better than two.

When this cereal idea first hit the market, it was Froot Loops and Frosted Flakes. The newest version is Frosted Flakes and Apple Jacks. The new version hits shelves in June.

Since Kellogg’s is always looking ahead, it is asking cereal fans for their opinion. What should the next mashup cereal be?

Looking at the Kellogg’s cereal brands, the options and combinations might be too many to name. From Corn Pops to Rice Krispies, it could take weeks to try all the combinations. Although not necessarily a combination that the brand is considering, it might be nice to see a few savory forward options in a box. Even grown-ups like to play with their food, too.

Since the MASHUPS cereal is really about giving the fans what they want, Kellogg’s is asking fans to vote on their preference for the new cereal combination. Fans can cast the votes on the Frosted Flakes website.

Looking at the six combinations available, the Frosted Krave (Frosted Flakes and Krave) combination sounds like a winner. Not only does this cereal have different textures, but the combination of flavors work. While the Cocoa Krispies is similar, it doesn’t have as much texture difference. But, that snap, krackle, pop characteristic should never be overlooked.

Truthfully, any of the options would be a fun choice, even the Frosted Flakes and Corn Flakes option. In some ways, that one is probably the most grown-up choice. A touch sweet, yet not too over the top.

No matter which cereal makes it onto store shelves, cereal fans will want to buy at least one box. After all, there is always a reason to enjoy another bowl of cereal.

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What would be your ultimate cereal combination? Do you wish that other cereal brand would offer this mash-up option?