Three ingredients that Peter Som always has in the pantry

(Photo by Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Resy)
(Photo by Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Resy) /

While the celebrated fashion designer has epitomized understated elegance, Peter Som has channeled his creativity into the kitchen. As seen on his Pinterest account, his recipes and food discussions inspire many home cooks to put down the screen and get cooking.

As Som shared before, he believes that food and cooking can offer a way to learn something new. While shared that he “puts a lot of thought into his recipes,” it isn’t just about the final process. In many ways “the little tidbits of information” woven into those recipes are helpful for anyone stepping into the kitchen. Even if the final product isn’t as picture perfect as his stunning creation, there was a lesson gleaned through the experience.

For Som, the whole process of cooking, shooting the dish and sharing on Pinterest is part of creative process. While social media platform allows for interaction, Som believes that the “natural extension of creating is communication, community and collaboration.” Sometimes like minded people can find a way to connect that they may not have previously appreciated.

While that open, positive dialogue can spark new ideas, Som does have a few staples in his pantry that seem to help bring many dishes to life. From boosting the flavor to just adding a touch of nuance, the reality is that pantry staples can be both a comfort and an inspiration to home cooks.

What pantry items does Peter Som find essential?

During our conversation, Som shared that he always has rice wine vinegar, chickpeas and gochujang in his pantry. While these ingredients might not all go in the same dish every time, the truth is that the versatility that these foods offer is tremendous.

For example, the chickpeas could be used in a hummus, a side dish, or even as a crisped garnish to a salad. The humble chickpea deserves prime shelf space.

Many cooks have learned to appreciate the flavor of gochujang. The Korean fermented chili paste is more than just a condiment. That flavor enhancer can boost almost anything from a simple ketchup to a bowl of ramen.

The biggest takeaway from Som’s pantry food must haves is that these pantry ingredients open the door to cooking creativity. From simple to complex, the kitchen offers a blank canvas to the next creation. Ready to explore the next delicious dish?

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What are you pantry staples? Do you have any food choices that cooks don’t understand?