Ultimate Reese’s candy ranking list celebrates the iconic candy

Reese's candy ranked, photo provided by Cristine Struble
Reese's candy ranked, photo provided by Cristine Struble /

Did you know that May 18 is National Reese’s Day? So, why not debate the ultimate Reese’s candy ranking list. While everyone seems to have a favorite candy, Reese’s seems to have extreme loyalty with many people who love that sweet treat.

Even though this list is just one person’s opinion, FoodSided is not sorry for its love of the always perfect combination of chocolate and peanut butter. Hungry yet?

Looking back at Reese’s candy history, there have been numerous versions over the years. While some options have disappeared from the shelves, there are still many, many options available. Even as new versions like organic candy and the Crunchy Peanut version are the newest arrivals on the shelf, there are other classic versions that might need to be rediscovered.

Ultimate Reese’s candy ranking list of 14 favorite choices.

14. Reese’s Nutrageous

For people who like big pieces of peanuts, they might disagree with putting this candy at the 14th ranking. While the combination of textures is nice, the whole peanuts can overpower that creamy peanut butter center.

13. Reese’s White Chocolate

Possibly the sweetest Reese’s candy, the white chocolate with the peanut butter cream is quite sweet. With this candy, it might be nice to have another flavor to cut through that sweetness. Even a little milk chocolate drizzle on top could be a good choice. Maybe a combination of white and milk chocolate cup could be next on the Reese’s list.

12. Reese’s Big Cup

When a huge craving hits, Reese’s Big Cup satisfies. Although no one should be sorry about indulging in that favorite candy, sometimes this treat is a little too big. Save this option for that special occasion.

11. Reese’s Fast Break

Although the shape of this candy makes it easy to eat, it can sometimes be eaten too quickly. Instead of slowly nibbling your way through that cup, it seems that the Fast Break is gone in an instant. Then again, the name does say fast.

10. Reese’s White Chocolate with Pieces

While the addition of the Reese’s Pieces is tasty, this candy is still on the sweet side. If you like white chocolate and want a little texture in that bite, this option is a must try.

9. Reese’s Dark

While many people love dark chocolate, this version seems to lend itself to small indulgences. This candy is for when mom wants to feel a little more sophisticated with her candy choice.

8. Reese’s Peanut Butter Lovers

For peanut butter fans, this version is always a top choice. If you to take a deep dive into the peanut butter pool, make sure to buy the King Size package.

7. Reese’s Sticks

This Reese’s Candy isn’t often the one that people grab, but they should. Similar to that crunchy, wafer from a Kit Kat, that crisp crunch with the peanut butter is quite tasty. The only downside with this candy is that you have to eat the whole bar. Maybe in a new version there could be a “break” option.

6. Reese’s Pieces

Although this position seems a little low for the iconic Reese’s Pieces, there is a reason for this choice. It is impossible to savor a bag. In about three handfuls, the candy bag is empty. Sure, you’re not sorry that you ate them all, you just want a few more to enjoy.

5. Reese’s Bug Cup with Pretzels

One of the newer options to the Reese’s candy line, the Big Cup with Pretzels delivers that perfect salty, sweet and crunchy bite. When you get a piece of the pretzel, the flavor brings you back for more. Just keep a napkin nearby to wipe off your fingers. Licking your fingers is a food don’t.

4. Reese’s Take 5

Once people discovered the Reese’s and Take 5 connection, the candy soared in popularity. While the connection was always there, people were clued into that secret. Truthfully, this candy bar needs its big moment to shine.

3. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups with Pieces

Similar to some of the other Reese’s candy offerings, a little taste of texture within the peanut butter cup is tasty. By folding the Reese’s Pieces into the crème, that candy coated crunch is delicious.

2. Reese’s Outrageous

Probably the best combination of flavor and texture, the Outrageous bar always delivers. From the crunch of the candy shell to the luscious cream to the chocolate coating, this candy is always a top choice. Plus, the shape makes it easy to sneak a taste without getting your fingers dirty. Just eat it straight from the wrapper and the kids will never know that you chose to sneak some candy.

1. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup

The top choice is and will always the classic Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. Sometimes a classic is always the best choice.

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What is your favorite candy? Do you always eat the same candy or do you change your food choices?