Paul Kahan recommends new cooks start with these three pans

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During a recent All-Clad live cooking demo, Paul Kahan, an All-Clad enthusiast, shared a variety of kitchen tips, tricks and a few simple hacks for the perfect spring fish dish. While Chef Kahan’s cooking skills are impeccable, he appreciates that a great pan can set any chef or home cook on a successful path.

While Chef Kahan has a closet full of All-Clad kitchen essentials, new cooks need to start their pan collection. Given that good pans are a kitchen investment, some cooks may not be able to buy every item in the line.

When asked which kitchen essentials are a top priority for a new cook, Chef Kahan shared three versatile, must haves. His choices are a 10” fry pan, a 2-QT Sauce pan and a 4-QT sauce pan. With these three items, he believes that the home cook can make a variety of dishes and hone their cooking skills.

Why does Paul Kahan recommend these three pans?

Similar to a characteristic that describes a good cook, versatility should describe that pans that a cook uses in the kitchen. From cooking a piece of fish to scrambling eggs, one pan can do it all.

One of the reasons why Kahan recommends the 10” fry pan is because of the versatility. From an easy recipe that a new cook is starting to master to the well-seasoned chef who has signature dish, that pan can grow with any cook. Picking a great pan that will stand the test of time is key.

Looking at the All-Clad line, the D3 Stainless Fry Pan with Lid is a perfect choice because it does everything. From sautéing vegetables to browning meat, it is a workhorse in the kitchen. With its aluminum construction, it conducts heat well which creates a great sear and even cooking. These two components are important to executing a recipe.

In addition, a pan needs to feel good in your hand. Similar how important a knife feels in your hand, a pan’s handle needs to have a strong design. This pan has a good weight and curve to the handle. It is easy to go from stove to oven with no pressure on the wrist.

While an All-Clad pan is an investment, it is a pan that will be used for years to come. Chef Kahan has his originally purchased pans that are decades old. With care, these pans will become like old friends. Personally, I have a set of All-Clad pans from my wedding registry.

Whether you are a new cook, an aspiring chef or just a foodie who wants to upgrade those kitchen essentials, consider adding a 10” fry pan, 2-QT sauce pan and a 4-QT sauce pan. The pans might not make you instantly become an award winning chef like Paul Kahan, but it will put you on the path to better cooking.

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What are your kitchen essentials? Do you have a kitchen item that you cannot live without?