This new Aldi bagel flavor is better than everything else on the shelf

Aldi June Finds, photo provided by ALDI
Aldi June Finds, photo provided by ALDI /

Get ready to shop because this new Aldi bagel flavor will have everyone wanting a taste. While each week brings many tasty Aldi finds, this bagel flavor might be a big game changer. Are you hungry yet?

According to Aldi, the Hawaiian Bagels will be hitting store shelves in the beginning of June. Although many people love a great everything bagel, the Hawaiian flavor could be a summertime game changer.

Has anyone had a Hawaiian bagel? While there seems to be a plethora of bagel flavors, this option might not be the traditional choice on the shelf, but maybe it should be. With a flavor similar to Hawaiian bread, the slight sweetness of a dough, the chewy center and the crunch of that bite should make it a delicious choice.

While the everything bagel and its iconic seasoning has taken over the plate, some people might be over that flavor. Like many food choices, people are always looking for the next big thing. This new Aldi bagel flavor might be the summer must have.

While many people will happily enjoy this bagel as a breakfast option with a little butter, cream cheese or even some almond butter, it could be the must have for sandwiches or summer grilling.

How many ways could you use the new Aldi bagel flavor?

Since Hawaiian bread has that touch of sweetness, it is often transformed into a variety of recipes. From a monkey bread to French Toast to even bread pudding, there is never a reason for Hawaiian bread to go stale.

While a bagel is slightly different than the traditional roll, it still can be transformed. Even just playing off the sweet flavors is a good choice. Using this bagel with a thick piece of pork belly could be a great choice.

Overall, the new Aldi bagel flavor will quickly become one of June’s must have Aldi finds. Just make sure to grab a bag before it disappears. And, maybe its popularity will make it a permanent addition on the shelf.

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What great Aldi finds have been a game changer? Do you have a great Aldi product to share?