Laffy Taffy has Gone Bananas with its Laff Bites and you should too

Laffy Taffy Gone Bananas Laff Bites, photo provided by Laffy Taffy
Laffy Taffy Gone Bananas Laff Bites, photo provided by Laffy Taffy /

From those silly jokes to the classic flavors, Laffy Taffy is always fun candy to enjoy. With the new Laff Bites Gone Bananas, bananas only flavor, everyone is feeling a little silly. While this treat is no banana in the tailpipe, it will have all those little minions craving a taste.

Everyone has a favorite Laffy Taffy flavor, but hands down the most popular flavor is banana. While it might not be the same as that fruit at breakfast, there is nothing better than peeling back the wrapper, enjoying that chewy candy and laughing at a silly joke.

Last year, Laffy Taffy launched Laff Bites, Those little, poppable candies quickly became a favorite. While the new version would never replace the classic candy, the reality is that it is  fun to eat. But, one thing was missing, banana flavor.

As Katie Duffy, Vice President of Marketing at Ferrara Candy Company said, “When we originally launched LAFF BITES in 2020, fans noticed that banana was missing from the original flavors–it’s our most talked about flavor. We’ve found that one quarter of online mentions of Laffy Taffy reference banana flavor and fans have been specifically asking for banana LAFF BITES, so we’re thrilled to respond and deliver the banana-only candy in a fun way.”

Laff Bites Gone Bananas is available in stores now. With those adorable Minions on the package, it is ready for a little mischief and fun in each bag. Everyone knows that Minions love their bananas, and they are great ambassadors for the banana candy eating fun.

To celebrate this launch, Laffy Taffy wanted to spread a few laughs with all its fans. In partnership with Card My Yard, the fans were able to send some “dad” jokes to friends across the nation. The idea is to spread a little joy and laughter.

Whether you make a big splash with that sweet fun, a small gesture or something in between, the truth is that life is fuller when there are smiles to share. Why not spread some joy, open a bag of Laff Bites Gone Bananas, and let that laughter loose.

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What is your favorite Laffy Taffy flavor? How have you shared a smile today?