Simple ways to make your summer table beautiful and bountiful

Bush's Baked Beans, photo provided by Bush Beans
Bush's Baked Beans, photo provided by Bush Beans /

From backyard barbecues to easy weeknight dinners, the summer table has everyone ready to pull up a chair. While many people long for that picture perfect HGTV look, a few simple tips can turn any locale into a personal paradise. Recently, Bush’s Beans partnered with HGTV “Good Bones” star Mina Starsiak Hawk to offer some simple, easy and visually impressive summer entertaining tips that anyone can master.

As the weather gets warmer, everyone wants to get outside and enjoy the day. Although stepping out the door can be liberating, the space needs to be inviting. A drab table will not excite anyone to take a seat.

At the same time, no one expects an over-the-top experience. Effortless entertaining is the mantra for many outdoor spaces.

What does Mina Starsiak suggest to make that summer table pop?

Through her partnership with Bush’s Beans, Starsiak believes that making a space “pop” can be the visually exciting way to change an outdoor space. From a touch of color in a re-stained table or an outdoor rug to define the space, it is easy to make some simple changes.

Also, she mentioned that it doesn’t have to be a huge investment. A few small changes can make a difference.

Since the summer table is often the place where everyone gathers, consider making an edible centerpiece. Just like many people love to graze those food boards, why not let people pluck from the centerpiece.

From using fresh herbs to add aroma to the dining experience to adding little nibbles for noshing, the options are many. Plus, all that food should never go to waste. Think about re-purposing those edible items after the meal.

When thinking about food on the table, consider options that are crowd pleasers. Bush’s Beans has a variety of options that can pair with almost any meal served. From a bold jalapeno enhanced flavor to a classic barbecue baked bean, those Bush’s Beans can be either the side dish or the star of the plate.

Lastly, if your backyard could use a totally new look, don’t forget to enter the Bush’s Bean-themed backyard makeover designed by Starsiak. The Bush’s Makes Summer Beautiful contest is open until July 18. Check out the #BushsBeautifulSummerContest for more information.

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What is your best summer table idea or summer entertaining hack? More importantly, what’s your favorite summer food to serve?