Pete Davidson and smartwater raise a bottle to Rehydration Day

Pete Davidson and smartwater partnership, photo provided by Smartwater
Pete Davidson and smartwater partnership, photo provided by Smartwater /

While the fireworks might have faded from the sky, Pete Davidson and smartwater want to bring a new spark to July 5 and are marking the occasion as Rehydration Day. Ready to put the refreshment in living smarter?

This summer has had a variety of adjectives. From the re-do summer to the fun in the sun, the reality is that everyone wants to live life to its fullest. At the same time, all the fun needs balance. No one wants to wake up with a lingering regret hovering over the celebration.

Rehydration Day is that moment to focus back on track. Sometimes the smart choice is the one that can make the celebration even greater.

How are Pete Davidson and smartwater marking Rehydration Day?

Although Pete Davidson might not be the most obvious choice for a partner for smartwater, it actually makes a lot of sense. Appreciating the balance in life might be the best part of any celebration.

Davidson said, “Let’s be honest – this summer is a wild one, and I’m here for it. But I’m also going to keep living smart and staying hydrated, making my pee as clear as possible on rehydration day, and you should too. Which is why I’m so stoked about working with smartwater.”

While people might not want to be talking about body functions, the reality is that people need to be aware how choices impact their body. Drinking plenty of water is more than just quenching a thirst. Feeling your best is about making smart choices.

As Ulises Ramírez, Group Director, Hydration Portfolio, North America Operating Unit at The Coca-Cola Company, said “The premium water category is more attractive than ever before — growing in both consumption and occasion — and consumers expect more from the brands that comprise it: more function, more enjoyment and more heart. So we’ve challenged ourselves to redefine what smartwater stands for in a refreshingly relatable way, and we’re putting a stake in the ground as a brand that encourages and enables you to live a little bit smarter. Alongside our campaign partner Pete Davidson — a good-humored, great-natured, stand-up guy who’s just trying to learn from his past and keep living smarter, too — we look forward to charting the path ahead and inspiring consumers along the way.”

Whether people look at Rehydration Day as a do-over, commitment or something else, the reality is making smarter choices are good for everyone. Even if it is making one small change, that difference will make a difference.

As part of Rehydration Day, smartwater has rehydration kegs in New York and Los Angeles on July 5. For those in the area, the special events are being held to encourage people to get their hydration on the right track.

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How do you keep your hydration on track?