MTN DEW Body Pillow is always there for snuggle time

MTN DEW Body Pillow promo, photo provided by MTN DEW
MTN DEW Body Pillow promo, photo provided by MTN DEW /

Sometimes people need a little snuggle, comfort or support. Now, the MTN DEW Body Pillow is here to be that companion to all. Ready to hug it out DEW Nation?

The DEW Nation is always ready to show its love of MTN DEW. From that favorite hoodie to the hat that never leaves your head, showing off that love of the iconic beverage is always in fashion. Still, DEW fans want more. While that hoodie can be comfy, it doesn’t cuddle well.

Luckily, the answer to every DEW fan’s wishes has come true. The MTN DEW Body Pillow has come to the DEW Store. But, those refreshing cuddles do come with a few strings. Although the requirements aren’t as difficult as earning a rose on The Bachelor, they have to be followed or you might get booted like the least favorite person on Love Island.

According to MTN DEW, the Law Firm of Fizzy, Tasty and Green and meme legend, Tank Sinatra, have broken down all the requirements to score a MTN DEW Body Pillow. Simply share your “ghosting” story on Instagram and Tank Sinatra will judge the “worthiness of cuddle compensation.”

While many people might have wanted a closer connection in the past year, the reality is that once the screen has been closed, that connection might have quickly faded. Whether it was ghosting, replacement or just falling out of favor, the reality is that lack of connection leaves a whole. Although drowning that melancholy in MTN DEW refreshment can quench a thirst, some people need that sense of comfort. It might be time to hug it out with MTN DEW.

The MTN DEW Body Pillow is available in the MTN DEW Store while supplies last. It is not a permanent item.

The Law Firm of Fizzy, Tasty and Green is waiting on stand-by to take your call. While they might take your case on contingency, people should probably bring their own beverages. Maybe that love of MTN DEW can spark a new connection that makes everyone forget about those shadows of love lost.

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What is your worst ghosting story? Do you think that it could earn you the praise from Tank Sinatra?