New Coke Zero Sugar just might be the best Coke ever

Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, photo provided by Coca-Cola
Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, photo provided by Coca-Cola /

With an updated recipe and look, the new Coke Zero Sugar just might be the best Coke ever. While the Manhattanhenge might have brought New Yorkers out to see that magical sunset view, they were introduced to this new beverage offering. Even though the Manhattanhenge might only happen rarely, enjoying this new Coke beverage should become part of the refreshment routine.

Sometimes brands look to enhance, improve or otherwise make a beverage taste better. While some people fear that the taste that they have grown to love will be ruined, the reality is that most flavor revitalizations are good ones. Sometimes those little tweaks are just what fans didn’t realize that they were craving.

With the new Coke Zero Sugar, the flavor enhancement is a refreshing one. Since Coke Zero has always been the zero sugar alternative to the classic Coca-Cola, the revitalized flavor continues to capture that iconic beverage. In many ways, the revamped flavor tastes even more like the classic beverage.

In addition to the slight change in the flavor, the new Coke Zero Sugar has a new look. By changing the design to reflect aspects the iconic Coca-Cola logo, it shows the connection to the flagship beverage. With a red background and black lettering, the beverage stands out on the shelf and calls people to come take a sip.

Thinking about this revitalization of Coke Zero Sugar, it is an interesting choice for the beverage brand. Recently other brands have expanded to new flavor combinations or tried limited time, seasonal offerings. By putting the focus on perfecting the best tasting beverage, it says a lot about Coca-Cola’s commitment to being better. Sometimes new should be about being the best that you can be and this summer launch seems to incorporate some of that concept.

Earlier this summer, Coca-Cola celebrated cherished summer moments. Those simple poems seemed to capture the sentiment that people wanted. While the momentous occasions might get all the fanfare, the reality is that finding the happy in the moment desires its time to shine.

In some ways, those sentiments seem to be woven into many of Coca-Cola’s new programs. From summer’s moments to smartwater’s re-hydration stories to this new recipe and look, it isn’t about looking to be different for different sake. It is about being the best that you can be.

As the new Coke Zero Sugar arrives on store shelves, everyone will get an opportunity to see and taste the revitalized beverage. Available in some locations this July, a full nation wide roll-out will begin in August.

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What do you think of the new Coke Zero Sugar? Are you ready to take a sip?