Will the MTN DEW Store sell more limited edition beverages?

MTN DEW Cake Smash, photo provided by MTN DEW
MTN DEW Cake Smash, photo provided by MTN DEW /

The DEW Nation spoke with their purchases and the MTN DEW Store sold out of the MTN DEW Cake Smash in three hours. While some people were lucky enough to score a 6-pack, many people were left with a thirst unquenched. But, did this new offering give a glimpse of something new on the horizon?

MTN DEW fans are beyond loyal. While they might debate the best flavor or the perfect spot to enjoy that favorite beverage, the reality is that every new flavor is met with big excitement. From the year’s first launch of Major Melon to the new tropical Baja Blast flavors, everyone wanted to try one bottle.

Although the MTN DEW Cake Smash was intended to be a very limited offering, the success might have started a new concept for the beverage brand. Instead of waiting for a special social media account to spill the beans on a special flavor release, why not use the MTN DEW Store to release and sell these special offerings.

In many ways, leveraging the MTN DEW Store for limited edition beverages is a smart choice for the brand. Not only does it build excitement for these special flavors, but it could give a glimpse into their customer base.

For example, not every flavor is a favorite with everyone. While younger audiences might prefer sour forward drinks, others might shy away from those options. A similar application could be seen in preferences between men and women. Understanding who your customer is and why they buy a particular flavor can help mold the next great beverage offering.

Looking ahead, it seems likely that the DEW Nation will be pressing a button to order limited edition beverages on the MTN DEW Store. After all, online shopping has become the norm in the past year, and no one wants to go from store to store searching for that elusive find.

But, will there be a way for MTN DEW Super Fans to get a sneak taste of those new beverages? That question remains unanswered.

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Did you score a 6-pack of the MTN DEW Cake Smash? What limited edition beverage flavor would you like to see?