Priyanka Chopra Jonas recommends this summery cocktail recipe

BON V!V new cocktails, photo provided by BON V!V
BON V!V new cocktails, photo provided by BON V!V /

The warm days and cool nights need this summery cocktail recipe. As the BON V!V creative advisor, Pryanka Chopra Jonas is recommending this vibrant beverage recipe. While it might be a feast for the eyes, the flavors will have you coming back for another sip.

Earlier this year, Chopra Jonas and BON V!V released the newest flavor, Raspberry Dragonfruit. The slightly exotic fruit flavor is delightful for warmer weather. Paired with the effervescent hard seltzer, it is delightful on its own or incorporated into a cocktail.

With this summer cocktail recipe, the BON V!V Dragonfruit Sunrise, is a lovely beverage to enjoy by the pool, at brunch or as an appertif. Given the flavors in the cocktail, it makes a great alternative to a mimosa.

More importantly, the flavors are refreshing. While the gin adds a herbaceous note, the orange juice adds a touch of brightness. Plus, the bubbles from the BON V!V hard seltzer adds a little fun in every sip.

Here’s how to make the BON V!V Dragonfruit Sunrise


  • 1 oz Gin
  • 2 oz Orange juice
  • Top with BON VIV Raspberry Dragonfruit
  • Garnish with 3 Raspberries


  • Combine all ingredients in a glass. Add the BON V!V at the end as a floater.

When making this cocktail, be thoughtful with the type of gin used. While everyone has their favorite gin, a modern gin can blend nicely in a cocktail. With less pine forward flavors, the gin doesn’t overpower the other flavors.

For food pairings, this cocktail would be perfect for brunch. Similar to how a mimosa is a common brunch cocktail, this beverage has similar flavors. But, the addition of gin does make the cocktail more powerful. It might be best to sip wisely.

Also, this cocktail would be nice with some simple appetizers. A plate of crudite could work well. Or, even some tacos would be a good choice. It could be a substitute for a margarita.

If you are ready to mix up a new cocktail for that end of summer celebration, consider the BON V!V Dragonfruit Sunrise. It could be the brightest spot in your day.

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What is your favorite summery cocktail recipe? Are you curious to try this option?