Spiceology and Derek Wolf shake up liquor infused spice rubs

New Spiceology and Derek Wolf liquor infused spice rubs, photo provided by Spiceology
New Spiceology and Derek Wolf liquor infused spice rubs, photo provided by Spiceology /

Cocktail lovers are ready to put those favorite flavors over the fire thanks to Spiceology and Derek Wolf. These liquor infused spice rubs use the flavors from some various spirits and layer them into a robust spice blend. Whether used as a rub, a sprinkle or something else, the flavor experience is shaking up the food on the grill.

While salt and pepper are the key to bringing out the flavor in any food, the reality is that bolder seasonings change the food experience. From heat to sweet, the perfect combination of spices is often a taste satisfies like no other.

Spiceology is known for its chef-driven seasoning and spice blends. Building on the experience and knowledge from these food experts, the various offerings help any home cook boost her confidence in the kitchen. Although these offerings might be that secret spice, no one has to know that the “best dinner ever” got a little boost from the seasoning experts.

Derek Wolf is known for cooking over fire. While that cooking technique might sound simple, the reality is that mastering the flame takes skill. Even though grilling is the only cooking method that imparts flavor, the reality is that just food on a flame needs a little more to make it shine.

What are the liquor infused spice rubs from Spiceology and Derek Wolf?

After the successful launch of his beer can infused spice blends, these liquor infused spice rubs build on popular spirits to enhance flavor. Included in the line are Bourbon Prime, Lemon Chili Rye, Smoked Chipotle Mezcal, and Sweet Teriyaki Sake. The variety and versatility of these offerings could have a new meal cooking every day of the month.

While some people might lean towards a particular flavor because it pairs with their favorite liquor, the reality is that these spice blends are more than just a spirit. Each one bursting is with flavor notes, including a few unexpected turns.

For example, the Bourbon Prime takes the traditional prime rib rub in another direction. The combination of mushroom and seaweed has a bold umami flavor. While perfect on beef, it is quite delicious when sprinkled on some zucchini or cauliflower.

For seafood lovers, the Lemon Chili Rye is a must try. Although some people find rye an imposing flavor, this combination of nutty, smoky and bright makes it a great choice for fish, especially shrimp. For those people who love a great lake fish, consider using this spice blend on trout.

As more and more people are discovering sake, the Sweet Teriyaki Sake is a game changer. This spice blend has an underlying soy flavor that is balanced by the sweetness. Whether or not dinner is served with a side of sake is a personal choice, but this spice blend showcases the lovely flavor that the rice wine offers.

Lastly, for the pork lovers, the Smoked Chipotle Mezcal will turn that pork loin into a pit master worthy dinner. From the touch of citrus to the smokiness from the mezcal, this spice blend needs to be well-stocked in the pantry. Even if you add a little extra sprinkle to that potato salad, it might surprise you.

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The Spiceology and Derek Wolf liquor infused spice rubs are available on the brand’s website. In addition, Wolf has provided a variety of recipes that use the blends.

Are you confident cooking over fire? What tips or tricks do you have for adding big flavors to that food kissed by the flame?