Ferrero 31 Days of Halloween Countdown Calendar supports a worthy cause

Ferrero 31 Days of Halloween Countdown Calendar, photo provided by Ferrero
Ferrero 31 Days of Halloween Countdown Calendar, photo provided by Ferrero /

The spooky sounds are starting to emerge, and the sweet treats are filling the cauldrons. Back again this year is the Ferrero 31 Days of Halloween Countdown Calendar. While this special Halloween candy offering might not be in stores, there is a way for grab one for yourself.

Continuing its support for Children’s Miracle Network, Ferrero is giving anyone who donates to the charity a chance to win one a Halloween Countdown calendar. Open now through September 10, everyone can visit to support this worthy cause.

As Mark Wakefield, Senior Vice President Marketing, Nutella and Chocolate Snacks, Ferrero North America said, “Halloween is a special time for kids and we know not all celebrations look the same. So, we are especially excited to partner with Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals to help us create surprises and spark joy for as many kids as possible this Halloween.”

For many kids and families, Halloween is the time when they can embrace the fun of stepping outside the daily grind. Whether it is enjoying a piece of candy before dinner or dressing up like a favorite superhero, the reality is that Halloween is a celebration of imagination and youthful exuberance.

While on a typical day, it might not be acceptable to run down the street with a cape flying in the breeze or ask neighbors for candy, on Halloween, it is part of the fun. That joy of just enjoying those childhood experiences is part of growing up.

Even though not everyone’s experiences are the same, there are ways to spark joy in simple action. While this partnership is about giving back to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, it is more than just another monetary donation. As Teri Nestel, President and CEO of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, said, “We know when we fund children’s hospitals, we can change kids’ health and change the future.”

As everyone prepares for the Halloween season, this year why not add another layer to that Ferrero 31 Days of Halloween Countdown Calendar. As the family opens another door to reveal those Tic Tacs, Butterfinger or container of Nutella, make a commitment to a positive, uplifting action every day. From saying a kind word to a friend at school to even helping a parent with daily chores, little action can bring big change.

And, Halloween will be here before you know it. Better stock up on all those favorite Ferrero candies before they disappear. No one wants the unfortunate trick of having no candy in the bowl on Halloween.

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How are you celebrating Halloween this year? What is your favorite Halloween candy?