Chrissy Teigen says that fried potatoes require this one condiment

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When Chrissy Teigen talks, people listen. The popular cookbook author has some definite opinions on food. Why her mom might whip up some delicious family favorite recipes, Teigen has weighed in on the condiment debate. For her, fried potatoes and this one condiment are the hands down winner.

For some people condiments are very personal. Sure, Steve Schirripa stood guard over one billboard that had everyone wanting to take a bite, but that love of ketchup, mustard and even mayonnaise can cause a food debate.

When that perfect flavor combination is discovered, it is the food find for the ages. There is no more searching, no more questioning. The food pairing is written in stone and everyone needs to take notice.

Why does Chrissy Teigen put this condiment on fried potatoes?

In a delicious revelation, Teigen shared that Honey Mustard Fry Sauce is the only condiment that she puts on fried potatoes. The new sauce from Sir Kensington’s is the perfect combination of sweet and spicy. From that bold mustard finish to the honey sweetness that entices, it makes eating a plate of fried potatoes so satisfying.

Teigen said, “French fries are nothing without sauce and I’ve long had an ambition to create the perfect dip. Hearty, sweet, spicy and satisfying, we’ve created something that in my mind, checks all the boxes and is crying out for a salty French fry to pair up with.”

While those fries are always a tasty comfort food, it really is the sauce or condiment that makes each bite even better. This new Honey Mustard Fry Sauce from Sir Kensington’s just might be that game changer.

As Alex Medeiros, Head of Greenhouse, Unilever Foods & Refreshments, said, “we’re passionate about using premium ingredients to create best-tasting condiments that bring people together.” Even if people want to debate the food on the table, the food did bring them together.

To celebrate this product launch and people’s love of fried potatoes, there is a new movie. Available to be streamed on Peacock, FRIES! The Movie features the host of “Revisionist History” Malcolm Gladwell, world-renowned Michelin Star chef Eric Ripert and founder and president of the Museum of Food and Drink, Dave Arnold. The movie discusses people obsession about this universally loved food.

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Why not try some Sir Kensington’s Honey Mustard Fry Sauce and form your own food opinion. If it isn’t the best condiment for fried potatoes tell us why and convince us otherwise. We’re always open for a food debate.