TAZO Refreshers are healthy hydration sipping sensations

New TAZO Refreshers, photo provided by TAZO
New TAZO Refreshers, photo provided by TAZO /

From sizzling temperatures to a thirst that needs to be quenched, the reality is that finding a beverage that satisfies is a priority. While everyone appreciates the importance of water, sometimes drinking those extra ounces can become a little boring. With TAZO Refreshers, healthy hydration is a sipping sensational.

Many people have fallen in love with TAZO beverages. From its lattes to its bottled iced teas that set a mood to even its mixology line, the reality is that this brand proves that tea is never bland or boring. Whether it is a floral note or a taste of the exotic, each pour entices another.

While people appreciate the importance of good hydration, the reality is that sometimes the topic can feel a little stagnant. From counting ounces to gulping down another bottle, the reality is that drinking a beverage shouldn’t be a chore.

With TAZO Refreshers, enjoying a sip is far from boring.

As one of the new beverages to join the TAZO line-up, TAZO Refreshers are a combination of tea, botanicals and real fruit juice. Available in two flavors, Iced Citrus Jasmine and Iced Watermelon Cucumber, the zero sugar beverage entices people to enjoy glass after glass.

Some people like adding a little fruit to their water. The flavor enhancement adds a special touch to that thirst quencher. In some ways, the TAZO Refreshers bring that concept to the glass without having to cut up any fruit.

The Iced Watermelon Cucumber could make people feel like they are having a spa day. A touch sweet yet balanced from the cucumber, the vibrant color is a feast for the eyes. The herbal tea brings a little intrigue. Like a dish with umami, that tea note brings you back for another sip.

The Iced Citrus Jasmine is bright, yet it is a little delicate. Combining orange and grapefruit, the zesty citrus flavors are clear, although a hint of apple brings a little sweetness. Paired with the jasmine tea, it feels as if this beverage can bring a moment of zen.

What other new beverages join TAZO Refreshers?

Joining the TAZO line are Iced Tea Mixers. These new beverages allow everyone to customize their iced tea to their preferred taste. Just like a barista shakes up an iced tea for a customer, that same experience can be had at home.

The Iced Tea Mixers are available in Iced Passion, Iced ZEN and Iced Black. On a hot day, the Iced ZEN is a perfect choice. Combining the lemongrass and spearmint, the flavor seems to whisk the sweltering heat away.

Also, the Iced Black tea is a perfect choice for tea drinkers who like to experiment with their beverages. Whether it is adding some fresh fruit or even a special garnish, this classic Black iced tea is always a good choice.

The TAZO Refreshers and Iced Tea Mixers are available at various retailers. For more information, please visit the TAZO website for store locations.

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Adventure awaits those who are willing to take the first sip. Shake up that healthy hydration routine and discover a refreshment that quenches a thirst one sensation sip at a time.