This 7-Eleven coffee flavor gives summer a sweet send-off

7-Eleven coffee, photo provided by 7-Eleven
7-Eleven coffee, photo provided by 7-Eleven /

As pumpkin spice and apple flavors try to push summer to the side, these limited time 7-Eleven coffee flavors want to savor every last sip of summer. Doesn’t all the summer fun deserve a sweet send off?

This summer has been filled with lots of big moments. Whether some people are trying to have a summer do-over or just trying to find their happy, this summer has had bright moments in the sun. Should those lazy summer days be quickly forgotten for warm spices and gourds?

As Jacob Barnes, 7-Eleven Proprietary Beverages Senior Product Director said, “whether you’re taking a long-awaited road trip or stay-cationing at home, there’s always a nearby 7-Eleven store with fresh coffee brewing, hot cocoa simmering, and hundreds of other drinks, eats, and treats available 24/7.”

7-Eleven, America’s convenience store, wants to savor those carefree days for a little longer. The 7-Eleven coconut coffee and s’mores hot cocoa are the perfect beverages to send summer off with a bang.

Those two flavors bring a taste of summer to every sip. The coconut coffee has a hint of the tropics. Although there might not be a little umbrella in that to-go cup, you can take a pretend trip to a tiki hut in your mind.

The s’mores hot cocoa offers that classic flavor without the sticky fingers. That combination of vanilla, chocolate and graham cracker always satisfies. Plus, no one has to worry about “charring” that marshmallow too much.

Did you know this 7-Eleven coffee fact?

While there are some end of summer flavors waiting at 7-Eleven, the reality is that coffee has been a staple with the brand for a very, very long time. Did you know that 7-Eleven has been offering to-go coffee since 1964?

Although coffee has evolved from that plain, black cup of coffee, the reality is that enjoying coffee where and when you want it is and will continue to be staple.

Going back to its roots, 7-Eleven has redesigned its cup. Now that “proper cup,” has that fresh, hot coffee ready for the next great adventure. Whether that it a last minute summer getaway or just another part of the daily grind.

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Who has your favorite coffee? Has your coffee routine changed over the years?