Hot dog and beer pairings that always hit a flavor home run

Whether it is the dog days of summer or just that classic backyard food and beverage pairing, hot dog and beer pairings get cheers all around. Even if people can debate the best condiments for a hot dog or even the best bun to hold all that food goodness, many people can agree that an iced cold beer can be the perfect beverage pairing.

Recently, Schlafly, the St. Louis Brewery, revealed its suggested hot dog and beer pairings. While some people might have to step outside of their comfort zone, the reality is that these food and beverage pairings might be better than peanuts and Cracker Jack.

Chicago Dog and Schlafly IPA

While ketchup can never top a Chicago Dog, this beer pairing could have some people from the Windy City putting down that Old Style. Schlafly’s Pale Ale is approachable and not overly hoppy. With the citrus flavors, the hearty flavors of the hot dog has some balance. Even with those sport peppers on top, this combination hits all the right notes.

Cincinnati Chili Dog and Coffee Stout

While some people might shy away from a bold coffee stout, this food and beverage pairing has some complimentary flavors. Those hints of chocolate and spice in that Cincinnati chili works with that beer. Although you might just have one, this flavor combination is quite satisfying.

Classic Dog and Summer Lager

There is nothing more traditional than a hot dog with mustard and ketchup. While not give that old-school favorite a classic pairing with the summer lager. Given that his beer is sessionable, it is ok to have a second beer to quench that thirst.

Corn Dog and Pale Ale

Who doesn’t love food on a stick and a corn dog is that ultimate bite. The sweetness of the corn is balanced with the hops and malt in the Pale Ale. With a hint of spice and a touch of fun, it brings back all those classic summer memories in a single taste.

New York Hot Dog and Schlafly Kolsch Ale

A New York hot dog is more than just a quick grab and go bite on the street. From the spicy mustard to the sauerkraut, it is steeped in tradition. Pairing it with a Schalfly Kolsch Ale is a great choice. The Germany style beer highlights all the hot dog toppings. It might not be Oktoberfest, but it is a taste of Germany.


These hot dog and beer pairings are just a few suggestions. Do you have some ideas that are food and beverage perfection?