Ryan Reynolds wants to buy you a gin cocktail, yes really

Aviation American Gin promo with Ryan Reynolds, photo provided by Aviation American Gin
Aviation American Gin promo with Ryan Reynolds, photo provided by Aviation American Gin /

Foodies know that almost every day is a food holiday, which means that there is a reason to enjoy a special food or even a gin cocktail. If you are ready to raise a glass, Ryan Reynolds wants to pick up the tab.

Whether it is back to school or just needing a moment of levity, Reynolds seems to find a way to bring a little happiness to any situation. With his quick-witted humor, those words just capture the sentiment that many people are feeling. Although some people might not be able to speak as freely as Reynolds, they have a good laugh at his delivery.

As the owner of Aviation American Gin, Reynolds has used his signature spirit as a way to bring the lighter side of life to the cocktail shaker. Whether it was last year’s back to school special bottle or a celebratory cocktail for the Westminster Dog Show, that modern gin is perfect for any situation.

And, with National Aviation Day coming up on August 19, Reynolds wants to mark the celebration in the best way that he knows, with a cocktail from Aviation American Gin.


Reynolds had the following to say. “In 1939, President Roosevelt drank a few negronis and immediately declared August 19th National Aviation Day. But don’t take mine or FDR’s words for it – try it yourself. That’s right: this Aviation Day, I’m buying.”

Now that story about negronis might not be part of the American History curriculum, but it is a great excuse to enjoy a gin cocktail on August 19. Plus, Reynolds will pick up the tab.

The free Aviation American Gin cocktail offer is available via https://aviationday2021.com/. From August 19 through August 22, receipts can be uploaded to the site. This offer is available for 21 and over.

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Whether you choose a negroni, gin and tonic or a martini, Ryan Reynolds is buying. Just be reasonable with that sip.