Easy tomato recipes for summer’s delicious bounty

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From the backyard garden to the farmer’s market, the end of summer brings a bounty of tomatoes. Whether it is the vibrant red color or the delicate hue from the heirloom variety, there is no shortage of tomatoes in the basket. Even though Steel Magnolias talked about old Southern women dropping tomatoes on neighbors’ porches, all that tasty healthy eating should not be discarded. Luckily, these easy tomato recipes will have everyone enjoying another bite of this juicy fruit.

Although a caprese salad or freshly sliced tomato highlights that seasonal flavor, it isn’t the only way to enjoy all those tomatoes. While there are plenty of sites that offer recipes, Atkins shared a few options that fit into its particular healthy eating plan. From breakfast to dinner, there is a choice that will excite everyone.

3 Easy tomato recipes

Tomato and Dilled Cucumber Salad

From end of summer barbecues to a side for a weeknight dinner, this Tomato and Dilled Cucumber Salad is bright and refreshing. The cucumber salad is served with the sliced tomatoes.

While this version is served on the plate, it could be used on top of some toast or crackers. When served as a side, consider herb crusted chicken or even a lamb as a food pairing. The dill flavors and cucumber might be nice with a lamb chop.

Tomato-Cucumber Guacamole

Who doesn’t love guacamole? Why not turn that favorite dip into a power packed, healthy eating option.

With this recipe, it has some extra crunch from the cucumber. Plus, the cumin adds a layer of smokiness to each bite. Whether it is enjoyed with some chips, on top of a burger or even in a taco, this guacamole might become your favorite recipe.

Chorizo, Green Chili and Tomato Frittata

From Sunday brunch to breakfast for dinner, a frittata is always a great choice. This Chorizo, Green Chili and Tomato Frittata is a bold flavor choice. While this recipe is packed with protein, it showcases the versatility of the tomato. That sweetness of the tomato stands in perfect contrast to the spicy qualities of the green chili.

These easy tomato recipes are just a few options on the Atkins website. Take a few minutes to explore the site and see what other recipes make you hungry. And, that bounty of tomatoes will be enjoyed and not canned for next season.

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What is your favorite way to use summer tomatoes? Do you have a great recipe to share?