The return of the Pizza Hut Detroit Style Pizza holds this special distinction

Pizza Hut brings back Detroit Pizza, photo provided by Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut brings back Detroit Pizza, photo provided by Pizza Hut /

Did you fall in love with the Pizza Hut Detroit Style Pizza? From that perfect crust to the slightly sweet sauce, each square was ready to be devoured. Now, the popular limited time only pizza is headed back to restaurants. With this lightning-fast return, the special menu offering holds the distinction as the fastest comeback limited time pizza offering in over a decade. Are you placing your order?

Pizza Hut always subscribes to bringing pizza lovers that special taste that they remember. Whether it is a slice of news-talgia or a blend of food innovation, the reality is that people go back to the brand that they trust time and again. It is more than just any lunch or dinner, it is Pizza Hut night.

When Pizza Hut launched the Detroit Style Pizza it sought to bring a regional classic to everyone. That combination of a special crust with sauce on top hit all the right flavors. Many people could not get enough of those squares. Even if there was a heated debate over who got the best corner piece, that pizza was a hit.

Looking back at that pizza launch, the limited time offering sold out two weeks earlier than anticipated. The brand reported that at its peak, “100 Detroit-Style pizzas were sold every minute.” With most 2 million pizzas sold, the response was impressive.

What’s new about the return of the Pizza Hut Detroit Style Pizza?

When Pizza Hut launched the Detroit Style Pizza, it had just a few options. While many people loved the Double Pepperoni, thanks to those pepperoni cups, some people wanted a few more choices on their slice.

For this menu return, the Detroit-Style pizza can be customized with up to five toppings. Whether guests want more veggies or just all the meats, the possibilities are many.

And, don’t forget about those pepperonis. Since each pepperoni pizza has 80 of them on each pizza, it is the ultimate indulgence for pepperoni lovers.

If you have been craving the Pizza Hut Detroit-Style Pizza order one now. Remember those limited time offers don’t last too long and you don’t want to be left with an empty pizza box.

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What is your favorite Pizza Hut pizza? Do you pick the same topping every time?