Dos Equis unveiled a campaign that epitomizes college football season

Dos Equis’ College Football Campaign, photo provided by Dos Equis
Dos Equis’ College Football Campaign, photo provided by Dos Equis /

Cheering for your alma mater is more than just putting on the team’s colors. It is celebration of people coming together and pushing that team to victory. For Dos Equis, the new college football season campaign shows that a Dos of Rivalry can be served with a smile.

While NFL football calls on Sunday, the reality is that Saturday is usually college football day. Even if one college experience was filled with more blue books than laptops, the connection between everyone who earns that diploma runs deep. It is a matter of pride to keep that college spirit going.

Dos Equis just revealed its new campaign that puts the college football conversation front and center. Combining activations, FOX Sports game day sponsorships and university partnerships, the excitement for football season is more than just the plays on the gridiron.

According to Ashleigh Phelps, Senior Brand Manager, Dos Equis, “College football game days are more than just a tradition for Dos Equis drinkers. They are, without exaggeration, a way of life.” She continued to explain that the campaign focuses on “getting the most out of life with Dos Equis as the catalyst.”

As seen in the first ad, “Shopkeeper,” the rivals are all around. While everyone can appreciate some good banter, it is not about those negative jeers or wishing for an opponent to miss the end of the quarter field goal. It is about appreciating the competition and raising a toast to team spirit.

Like many sporting events, fans watch every moment with baited breath. From the rally cap hoping to change the fortunes to the rituals that bring continued success, all of those moments are part of being a fan. The core of this campaign resonates with people. Who hasn’t had that moment when surrounded by an opposing team or having to don someone’s colors after a loss. But, a good laugh and a smile in the end makes it all ok.

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The Dos Equis college football campaign will be seen throughout the upcoming season. It continues the story of “A Dos of” that the brand started earlier this year.

Are you ready for some football? How do you show your team pride?