Moe’s Southwest Grill is the first fast casual restaurant to offer this beverage

Moe's adds this favorite beverage, photo provided by Moe's
Moe's adds this favorite beverage, photo provided by Moe's /

Who doesn’t love that “Welcome to Moe’s” greeting when a guest enters the restaurant. While that Mexican food at the popular fast casual restaurant always satisfies, a new beverage has many people excited. With this new beverage addition, Moe’s strikes out on its own. Thirsty to know about this particular sweet sipper?

According to Moe’s, it is the first fast casual restaurant to offer ICEE. While that frozen beverage is always a treat, the reality is that many people will be ecstatic to hear about this beverage addition. But, there is one caveat. The menu addition has started just in select Atlanta locations. Still, there is a possibility that it will expand beyond this initial launch.

Looking at this new beverage addition, it is more than just adding ICEE to its beverage line-up. The truth is that Moe’s is added customized beverage technology. By giving guests control about the flavors in their cup, it can be a deciding factor for guests when picking a restaurant.

With this beverage technology, guests can have up to 16 different flavor combinations. In some ways, this refreshment could leave to creative food and beverage pairings. Why couldn’t Moe’s create a special beverage that enhanced the flavor of that burrito or bowl. The possibilities with this idea are many.

While the ICEE addition is one aspect, Moe’s also offers a special variety of Hubert’s Lemonade, an exclusive Moerita and Sprite Unleashed the Peach custom flavors. These exclusive Moe’s beverages have received positive feedback.

Thinking about these special beverage options, it raises the idea of how fast casual restaurant both set themselves apart and create a loyal guest following. While good food and great value is key, the reality is that unique offerings are always important.

Looking ahead, it will be interesting to see how other fast casual restaurants leverage this beverage idea. Just think back to Taco Bell and Baja Blast. That food and beverage combination is legendary.

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What do you think of Moe’s being the first fast casual restaurant to offer ICEE? Would that menu item impact your dining decisions?