Buddy vs Duff recap: Architectural wonders caused this unique outcome

Host Duff Goldman, as seen on Buddy vs Duff, Season 3. Photo courtesy Food Network
Host Duff Goldman, as seen on Buddy vs Duff, Season 3. Photo courtesy Food Network /

When someone uses the term architectural wonders, what comes to mind? It might be the Leaning Tower of Pisa, some might say Sagrada Familia and others might say the Empire State Building. While opinions differ, some structures are just visually iconic, but are they the only architectural wonders? In Buddy vs Duff Season 3 episode 7, the two cake displays took very different approaches interpreting architecture.

Throughout Buddy vs Duff Season 3, the challenges showed that cake artistry takes different approaches. While there have been ups and downs in the point totals, there was one scenario that any Food Network could have predicted before the first episode even aired. It would come down to the finale. Unlike Final Jeopardy, there would be no runaway winner in this competition.

For this episode’s theme, the teams explored architectural wonders. While Buddy Valastro and his team took on ancient Egypt and the wonders of the Sphinx, Duff Goldman and his team took a broader approach with his tree house. These two cake displays epitomize the key differences between the two teams.

Buddy is always more traditional. While there is an impressive visual, it is more about the image that people know. Whether it is a classic image or a scene, it seems to be rooted in realism. From that gigantic donut to the gladiator, the reaction is more – how did they recreate that into cake versus wow what is that scene.

In Buddy vs Duff Season 3 episode 7, Buddy’s Egyptian scene, the realism was impressive. It looks as if butter, sugar and flour took over ancient Egypt.

While there are many small details, it was about the Sphynx. It was the visual focal point. While it was full of grandeur, it was expected. Maybe it is time for Buddy to step a little outside of his comfort zone.

Duff took a very different approach and some members of Team Buddy didn’t appreciate the slant. Although building a house in a tree is an architectural feat, Team Buddy would have preferred a specific building or location as an interpretation of a wonder.

Still, Duff’s tree house display was an architectural wonder, especially since it was made out of cake. From the structure of the tree to the houses in the tree, it was a visual masterpiece. To make this display balanced, it was a well-constructed idea.

When looking from a distance, Duff’s tree house had a bigger wow factor. Although the color was a little one note, it was dynamic. Although everyone knew that the display would have lots of little details, it was a complete scene. That aspect impressed the judges.

Whereas, Buddy’s Egyptian piece impressed by the sheer volume of cake. Even though a few more details would have pushed it further, it was an impressive feat.

This outcome has never happened on Buddy vs Duff.

In the end, the scores revealed a first time ever occurrence on Buddy vs Duff over the show’s three seasons. The final scores showed a tied.

Given that both displays earned the same score, the outcome means that the finale cake display will decide the winner. The score is tied at 1600 a piece.

Looking at the Buddy vs Duff finale, the theme is monsters. With one cake display takes it all (and the ultimate tie breaker because both Buddy and Duff has been crowned winners previously), the reality is that this last challenge will be bigger, bolder and scarier.

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Who do you think will win the title? Are you rooting for one team over the other?