This kitchen gadget is a must have for any college student

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Whether it is night filled with ramen, coffee runs or Insomnia Cookies, a college student needs more in the food repertoire than just a fridge full of snacks. While there might not be a gourmet meal coming out of that home away from home, the reality is that there are times when college students need more than another bag of chips, protein bar or bowl of cereal. That’s why this kitchen gadget is great.

First, before buying anything for a dorm room, it is best to check the rules about which kitchen gadget is and is not allowed in the space. And, consulting roommates is a good idea, too. After all, if you are sharing limited space with another person, you don’t want that food aroma to get the evil side eye.

Beyond the mini fridge for some essentials, one must have kitchen gadget is a waffle maker. While no one is suggesting that whipping up some pancake batter is a 3 a.m. necessity, that waffle maker can make quick work of a lot of food.

For example, a regular cheese sandwich becomes a waffle cheese sandwich in a few minutes. Or, why not heat up that cold pizza and “waffle it.” And, if you love cinnamon buns, unroll that dough and make it in a waffle maker. Yes, the possibilities are numerous.

The reality is that the waffle maker is non-stick surface that heats up food. It isn’t just for waffles, although everything that does come out of it will have that “waffle” texture. Still, the versatility that this kitchen gadget offers is genius.

Dash has a variety of inexpensive waffle makers in its line-up. From the Dash mini waffle makers to no drip waffle makers, there are several options to choose from.

Need a second kitchen gadget for your college student?

If the waffle maker is already purchased, another great item to add to the cart is an electric kettle. While college students might love their coffee or tea, the electric kettle is more than just a way to make another beverage.

For example, the Dash insulated electric kettle boils water at a push of a button. When that Cup Noodles craving hits or oatmeal for breakfast, there are numerous uses for this kitchen essential.

In the end, the college student dorm room might need a few more things than just a comfy pillow and good lamp. With a little planning, the kids won’t have to order as much food delivery.

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What was the one thing that you always had to have in your dorm room? Did you have any genius food hacks in school?