Starburst Airs offer a brand new candy eating experience

Starburst Airs, photo provided by Starburst
Starburst Airs, photo provided by Starburst /

While people can debate the most popular Starburst flavor, the reality is that this gummi candy innovation might have foodies floating on cloud nine. Ready for a taste of Starburst Airs?

Over the past several years, Starburst has introduced new versions of its classic candy. While some people will always be enamored with that pink Starburst, sometimes a change of texture can bring even more excitement to the candy bowl.

The new Starburst Airs are an “aerated gummi.” While these candies aren’t necessarily that taffy balloon that people talked about at Alinea, the candy does have a different texture. Adding a little extra air into the candy makes it fluffy. Although some descriptions say “bouncy,” it doesn’t seem like that this candy is a piece of “flubber.”

According to Justin Hollyn-Taub, Senior Director, US Fruit Snacks for Mars Wrigley, “STARBURST Airs are reimagined gummies that will leave candy-lovers enamored with the combination of STARBURST flavors in a pillow-like texture.” Based on that statement, many people will be running to buy a bag.

New Starburst Airs gummi candy
Starburst Airs, photo provided by Starburst /

Thinking about the gummi candy market, this idea might be a first for the segment. Aerated gummies take the discussion in a new direction. Instead of tropical flavors or more sour offerings, the change in texture could bring over new candy fans. A lighter, fluffy texture changes the whole candy eating experience.

While the texture is different, the classic Starburst flavors are still in each and every bite. The new candy will be available in Original and Sour Tropical packs, The flavors include “strawberry, lemon, orange and cherry in Original packs, and sour kiwi, strawberry, pineapple, passion fruit and mango in Sour Tropical packs.” It will be interesting to see if the new texture enhances the flavor experience. After everyone gets a bite, they will surely express their opinions.

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The new Starburst Airs will be available in 2022. Exact retail locations have yet to be announced.

What do you think of the new Starburst Airs? Do you think that the new gummi candy texture will change the candy conversation?