Pepsi and Dapper Dan collaborate on a stylish football watching capsule collection

Pepsi and Dapper Dan collaboration, photo provided by Pepsi
Pepsi and Dapper Dan collaboration, photo provided by Pepsi /

Since football is calling this Sunday and every week after that, the football fashion needs to be on point. Luckily Pepsi and Dapper Dan have collaborated on the most stylish football watching capsule collection that will turn heads. While the plays on the field might everyone cheering, this football watching capsule collection is the ultimate game day apparel. Ready to retire that old jersey?

Whether it is going to a game, watching from team sports bar or even viewing from the man cave, every football fan knows that the apparel needs to represent. Even though some people might want to wear that football shirt that brought a victory in the 1994 Packers Playoff victory over the Lions, it definitely time to update that look.

Just as the 2021-22 NFL season kicks off so does New York Fashion Week. While you might not see Patrick Mahomes or Josh Allen strutting the runways under those infamous tents, the timing is the perfect opportunity to take “Made for Football Watching” in fashionable direction.

Even though David Costabile might have made a rousing speech imploring everyone to block off their calendars every football Sunday, that calling involves more than just beverage refreshment. It is time to look the part, just don’t spill on this fashion moment.

The Pepsi x Dapper Dan Football Watching Capsule Collection is about comfortable, football fan apparel that takes the look to a whole new direction. As Todd Kaplan, VP of Marketing – Pepsi. “While Pepsi has always had deep roots in pop culture and football, we have never brought it all together like we have with The Pepsi x Dapper Dan Football Watching Capsule Collection. Dapper Dan’s unique style of merging luxury fashion and streetwear is so bold and unapologetic – just like the Pepsi brand – so we thought he was the perfect partner to blend his visionary taste in streetwear with football fandom in the unique way only he can do.”

What can fans expect from the Pepsi and Dapper Dan football watching capsule collection?

The legendary Dapper Dan has put his stamp on this football watching capsule collection. Fashionistas have long known about the Harlem couturier’s style. From his appearance on Project Runway to his mark on pop culture, the luxury streetwear from his atelier is part of fashion royalty.

According to Dapper Dan, this capsule collection is a “true authentic collaboration.” With 35 years in the fashion industry, he appreciates that inspiration can come from all around, but this special collection is truly once in a lifetime.

football watching fashion from Pepsi and Dapper Dan
Pepsi and Dapper Dan football fashion collaboration, photo provided by Pepsi /

As Dapper Dan said, “This capsule collection is equally inspired by the Pepsi brand, football fans, and my one-of-a-kind looks. Fashion and football have never come together like this before. Athleisure has a new name on the block, and it’s Pepsi x Dapper Dan.”

The look of the capsule collection featured a signature “Pepsi x Dapper Dan logo pattern.” Since Dapper Dan is the “father of logo-mania,” the design choice is fitting. Included in the collection are a hoodie, bucket hat and the ultimate options, “the handmade lounger with vegan leather pockets.”

In addition, there is a collectible Pepsi can. That design pays homage to classic football jerseys. While it might be tempting to pop open one of these cans, the beverage could be your lucky charm for the rest of the football season.

The Pepsi and Dapper Dan football watching capsule collection is available online while supplies last. More information can be found at

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While every football fan wants to put a big W in the column every week, the outcome is out of their hands. But, with the Pepsi and Dapper Dan football watching capsule collection, the football fan’s new look is guaranteed to score every time. Just don’t spill on that hoodie.