Natty Vodka is a refreshing example of people-first product innovation

New Natural Light Vodka, photo provided by Natural Light
New Natural Light Vodka, photo provided by Natural Light /

For drinkers who embrace the Naturdays lifestyle, the new Natty Vodka is another example of how the Anheuser-Busch segment gives its core audience more options. With this people-first product innovation, the new beverage offering is not just bringing a new vodka to the shelves, it expands the conversation of what a beer brand can be.

Recently, Daniel Blake, Group VP, Budweiser & Value at Anheuser-Busch spoke to FoodSided about this new product launch. While the Natural Light brand has seen a resurgence in the past couple of years, it is more than just a refreshing beer that goes with almost any occasion. It is a beer brand that is always looking forward. From the Naturdays flavor enhancements to sour seltzer, these beverages are as much about the persona as the refreshment.

When asked about how the Natty Vodka fits into the Naturdays lifestyle, Blake offered this insight. “We feel it is necessary to expand our offerings as we see drinking preferences evolve over time. It was important to keep flavor, taste, and variety top of mind when creating this vodka and the experience around drinking it. That’s what we’re known for as a beer – so it had to show up here. The release of Natural Light Vodka provides our fans the chance to continue to choose Natural Light products, even when they are not drinking beer or seltzer.”

While other beverage brands look to offer alternative to vodka soda, the Natty Vodka takes on the flavored vodka space. Instead of being overly floral, savory or herbaceous, the Natty Light approach is to stay true to its fan base.

When asked about the reasoning for this expansion, Blake shared. “Flavored vodka is one of the fastest growing segments in spirits, and we knew Natty was going to be the brand to show up to the party with a great tasting offering and strong brand persona to set us apart. We wanted to put a delicious twist on vodka, in the same way we’ve done with seltzers and Naturdays, that felt like a natural extension of the brand and has our fun and creative brand personality.”

Although this new beverage offering expands the Natty Light brand, it does stay in a particular niche. With the popularity of fruit forward flavors, it has a built in audience. More importantly, this idea is a fan-focused beverage innovation.

Blake commented, “We’ve noted fruit forward flavors are well liked amongst our fans, and because lemonade combines sweet and sour it’s definitely a preferred choice. This highly-anticipated release from Natural Light further showcases how Anheuser-Busch is focused on ‘people-first’ product innovation, continuing to expand its portfolio to meet evolving consumer preferences and drinking occasions. “

Looking at this vodka offering, the versatility of the beverage adds to the appeal. As Blake discussed, “The lemonade-based profiles make the vodka so smooth, flavor-forward and shockingly delicious that all three Natural Light Vodka flavors can be enjoyed over ice with a mixer or as a shot. We do, however, anticipate that once our fans get their hands on Natty Vodka, they will discover many fun ways to enjoy the taste, whether that’s neat or mixed.”

As drinkers take their first sips of this new vodka offering, the flavor profiles appeal to popular Naturdays beverages. Blake referenced, “All three flavors offer a unique profile with different personalities, which makes them great for a variety of occasions, depending on where the night takes you. We have seen a lot of success with Strawberry Lemonade from our Naturdays product, so we know that’s a flavor our fans know and love.”

While the Natty Vodka is just launching, the possibilities for future expansion are great. From ready to drink options to creative flavors, it seems that Natural Light beverages could fill the cooler.

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For now, the Natty Light Vodka is the latest beverage offering for that Naturdays lifestyle. Ready to pour a glass and toast to good time and good friends?