2021 ALDI Advent Calendars have a new twist and you’ll want one

2021 Aldi Advent Calendars are back, photo provided by Aldi
2021 Aldi Advent Calendars are back, photo provided by Aldi /

Get out the calendar and set the reminder. The 2021 ALDI Advent Calendars are returning, and everyone will be patiently waiting to make their purchase. This year, there is an added element that will make this ALDI find the 2021 holiday winner.

Over the past several years, the ALDI Advent Calendars have been a favorite with shoppers. While the kids might get a thrill from opening a door and revealing a piece of candy every day, some adults count the hours to they can enjoy that refreshing sip.

For the 2021 ALDI Advent Calendars, the wine and cheese offerings are back again. While all the details will be revealed in October, ALDI did give a little sneak peek of the holiday favorites.

According to the brand, the ALDI wine Advent calendar will be priced at just $59.99, which is a $10 price drop. Given the amount of wine in the calendar, this offering is a huge deal. At less than $2.50 per bottle, why wouldn’t a wine drinker buy a calendar.

Also, this year’s offering will feature new varieties. Although those wines have yet to be announced, it seems likely that many favorite wines will be included. Over the past several years, the advent calendars have featured a lovely selection of whites, reds and even a few bubbles.

Many people take different approaches to these advent calendars. Although enjoying a sip and a nosh every day can be delightful, others prefer to create the perfect holiday spread with these food and beverage combinations. From that bigger holiday gathering to an impromptu get together with friends, it might be worth having the advent calendars on hand as a holiday staple.

The 2021 ALDI Advent Calendars are set to go on sale November 3 at participating store locations. It is the second annual National Advent Calendar Day, which was created by ALDI in 2020. While the wine and cheese calendars will be part of the initial launch, other calendars will be available throughout the holiday season.

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What is your favorite food and beverage advent calendars? Will you be buying the 2021 ALDI Advent Calendars this year?