Oui by Yoplait brings a touch of sophistication with qui vivra verra

Oui Yogurt French Flowers, photo provided by Pui
Oui Yogurt French Flowers, photo provided by Pui /

While the full calendar and to-do list might seem to have no breaks, the reality is that life’s pleasures can be simple ones. Un-peeling the lid of Oui by Yoplait might bring a touch of elegance to any day, and, the little glass jar can be that visual reminder to plant the seed to a beautiful day ahead.

If someone says that all yogurts are the same may be eating the wrong yogurt. While people can debate the healthy eating component of how and why yogurt can be part of that balanced lifestyle, the reality is that some types of yogurts feel elegant, luscious and a well-deserved treat to make a day seem a little more special.

Oui by Yoplait is a French style yogurt. The slow process of letting whole milk and yogurt cultures combine in a glass pot creates a flavor that is almost reminiscent of a dessert. While the ingredients are simple, the first spoonful is a delight in its complexity.

While many people are familiar with this brand, recently it offered three limited edition glass designs. The Oui by Yoplait’s French Florals Collection are inspired by French Flowers. From the fields of Provance lavender to the Paris Magnolias, the designs are subtle yet add a a touch of French style to the glass jars.

To be clear, the French Flower are just a design on the glass pots. The florals do not influence the flavors in the yogurt.

Since the Oui by Yoplait glass pots are perfect for upcycling, the new design offers a lot of versatility. From a simple container for jewelry or even place to hold your keys, the lovely design brings a smile far longer than just during the eating enjoyment.

What else is new from Oui by Yoplait?

While the floral designs are a subtle reminder of the French connection to this year, the brand would be remiss if it didn’t offer some seasonal flavors. As summer fades, the fall flavors take over and these yogurt offerings are a must enjoy.

For the fall, Oui by Yoplait is offering three options, Apple Pie, Pumpkin Caramel and new Dairy Free Pumpkin Caramel. All the fall flavors are made with real spices and have that luscious texture that people love.

While many people cannot get enough of pumpkin spice, the Pumpkin Caramel offers that extra richness in the sweetness. Instead of pumpkin cheesecake, this yogurt might be the perfect end to a meal.

The fall flavors are available for a limited time. All Oui by Yoplait offerings are sold individually and prices may vary based on retailers.

The French say, Qui n’avance pas, recule. Life shall never stand still, but embracing the moment to evolve is a willingness to persevere.