Epcot’s Ratatouille merchandise inspires the little chef in everyone

Ratatouille merchandise at Epcot, photo by Cristine Struble
Ratatouille merchandise at Epcot, photo by Cristine Struble /

As the Walt Disney World 50th anniversary celebration approaches, the unveiling of Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure entices guests with French-inspired world filled with scrumptious food. From the ride itself to the Creperie de Paris, walking down the cobblestone paths have guests dreaming of the City of Lights. Although the in-person experience captivates, a bigger gem is waiting to be discovered. With Epcot’s Ratatouille merchandise, that little chef is ready to take hold of those culinary dreams.

For many Disney fans, bringing a piece of the theme parks home is a vital part of embracing all those magical memories. Although the Mickey balloon might not survive the long trip home, many other Disney items can bring back smiles with just a turn of the spatula, a sip from the coffee mug or even donning a pair of ears on a day that needs a little pick me up.

As part of the new Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure unveiling, Walt Disney World showcased a variety of Ratatouille merchandise inspired by both the ride and the beloved film. Although these kitchen essentials might not guarantee that a homemade ratatouille will be worthy of a Michelin star, it will bring a taste of that culinary adventure to any home kitchen.

Included in the line are a variety of kitchen essentials that any cook or baker would appreciate. From rolling pins to tea towels (with a recipe included), these little nods to the Parisan world can add a little whimsy to any kitchen.

In addition, these ideas can spark an interesting to cooking as a family. While Dole has a variety of Disney inspired recipes on its website, the Disney inspired kitchen essentials can get the whole family excited to whip up a new food idea.

Whether it is a delicate crepe or a robust beef bourguignon, the possibilities are many. And, it could be as simple as some brie and crackers on a cutting board. The idea is to let imagination take hold, enjoy the moment and create magical memories that bring smiles all around.

And, as some people put on that chef hat and hope that Remy imparts his culinary knowledge as home cooks slice and dice their way through a tasty recipe, that sense of fun in the kitchen is the heart of this Ratatouille merchandise. Cooking isn’t always about accolades and stunning images. The journey along the way is often the most flavorful experience.

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Epcot’s Ratatouille merchandise can be found at Walt Disney World. The ride officially opens on October 1, as part of the Walt Disney World 50th anniversary celebration.