Delightful Halloween candy and wine pairings that aren’t spooky

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Since a few parents have been known to the kids Halloween treats, these Halloween candy and wine pairings might be the best way to end a spooky evening of fun. Even if the kids might not want to share that confectionery bounty, the reality is that candy and wine might be the tasty combination to keep those ghoulish feelings away. Ready to pour a glass and open a wrapper?

Wine pairings, like wine itself, can be subject. While everyone is entitled to their preferences, sometimes wine experts like to weigh in with their preferred choices. Although these ideas might not be your first choice, it is worth taking a sip and a bite. It might be a flavor that brings you back to the glass.

What Halloween candy and wine pairings does Cavit recommend?

Recently, Cavit Wines shared three Halloween candy and wine pairings that add a little magic to the spooky season. Whether these ideas are enjoyed during the witching season or just any time of year, it can be an excuse to indulge in a little me time.

Prosecco with nutty candy and milk chocolate

Often prosecco has florals aromas and bright, acidic citrus flavors, Cavit Prosecco is quite citrus forward. While this style of sparkling wine can vary depending on the location, the crisp bubbles can contrast the nutty notes in some of those candies. Think of the nuts on the cheese board and prosecco pairing.

When thinking about milk chocolate, the brightness of prosecco can cut through the creaminess of the milk contrast. This type of pairing highlights more contrasts than complimentary flavors.

Sweet Red with dark chocolate

While many people opt to enjoy a bold cabernet sauvignon with a dark chocolate, a sweet red might be another option. Just like sweet cherries lift the robust dark chocolate, the cherry and raspberry in the Cavit Wines Sweet red offer that combination.

Again, this pairing is about the contrasting flavors. Sweet and rich, robust and tangy, these flavors pop when paired together.

Moscato with fruity candy

Moscato tends to be a sweeter wine. While this wine pairing could go in different directions, Cavit recommends pairing it with tart or sweet fruity candies. This pairing is about complementing flavors. Moscato has fruit notes, and it can be delightful to make the similar flavors.

What Halloween candy and wine pairings do you enjoy? Or do you prefer a great Halloween cocktail?

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