Taco Bell changes the value conversation for 2022

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(Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images) /

While people might get excited about new menu items and free food promotions, Taco Bell is looking to have a different value in conversation in 2022. But, value isn’t just focused on the dollars in a wallet. For the popular quick service restaurant, there should be value in everything it does.

Although favorite foods tend to push people to choose one quick service restaurant over another, the reality is that more people are looking at the company and its values when making some decisions. While food and flavor is always part of the conversation, many people want to associate with brands who have values that they appreciate.

For 2022, Taco Bell is focusing on the value conversation. Not just the pricing value on its menu, but its overall brand values.

As Mark King, Taco Bell CEO, said “But next year, we’ll be talking a lot more about value in a different sense — our brand values. Our purpose, what we care about and what we stand for. Looking ahead to 2022, we’re bringing different ideas, setting new, bold goals and holding ourselves accountable so that, together, we create a future that is craveable, sustainable and equitable.”

That ability to look forward as a collective group will help not only solidify the quick service restaurant’s position in the industry space but also will bolster employee relations, customer loyalty and overall satisfaction with the brand.

What is part of the Taco Bell value conversation for 2022?

Beyond its commitment to better work environments, forwarding a conversation on equality and fostering relationships within the community, Taco Bell appreciates that the guest needs to see and appreciate a commitment to change. From looking to recyclable packaging to lower emission efforts, those changes seek to make an impact long after a guest enjoys that meal.

Although those behind the scenes changes are important, guests want to know about the food that they eat. As part of the Taco Bell value conversation, the brand is committed to more plant based offerings and will be working with Beyond Meat on an “innovative plant-based protein that is completely new.”

While this tease had many people listening, the reality is that the plant based food conversation is only getting louder. From product innovations to menu takeovers, this idea is not a food trend. It is a food staple.

Given that Taco Bell has always been a restaurant that offers vegetarian options, those menu choices will continue to grow. From convenient ordering to more options will continue to be part of the value conversation.

Lastly, the brand is looking put quality ingredients on the table. From offering beverages that have less sugar to having a more open conversation on ingredients, it is about giving the informed consumers menu options.

While Taco Bell might not have revealed the next great menu item or another free food promo as the year ends, the information that it did share could have more people making a run for their local quick service restaurant. With so many options available, sometimes the decision is made by what is off the menu.

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