The Bedford by Martha Stewart offers everyone a seat at Martha’s table

The Bedford by Martha Stewart restaurant, photo provided by Martha Stewart enterprises. Credit Fadil Berisha
The Bedford by Martha Stewart restaurant, photo provided by Martha Stewart enterprises. Credit Fadil Berisha /

Having perfected the idea of a “good thing,” Martha Stewart inspires everyone to appreciate a full life. While many people have turned the pages of her magazine or watched her many shows, those experiences require people to create their own version of that ideal living. At the soon to be open The Bedford by Martha Stewart, the restaurant at the Paris Las Vegas, welcomes guests to a fully immersive experience that is even better than a good thing.

Even though Stewart is a culinary and lifestyle icon, she has never had her own restaurant. While other culinary celebrities started their careers behind the pass, Stewart’s rise focused more on a lifestyle concept. Beyond the recipe creation in the kitchen, it was developing a moment from start to finish, tablescape to last bite. By opening this restaurant at Paris Las Vegas, Stewart seems to appreciate that her brand and approach extends far beyond the home.

Over the past several years, celebrity restaurants, both brick and mortar and virtual, have expanded. Even though the restaurant industry continues to recover from its decimation over the past several years, the reality is that a celebrity name or endorsement is enticing. It brings the familiar face, persona or concept into the real world. While not a fantastical experience like a theme park, it is an invitation to step out of the day to day and embrace a unique experience.

Always the smart business woman, Stewart has been bringing that acumen to the food space beyond her Living empire. From the expansion into her own prepared food line to being a culinary development officer for BurgerFi, Stewart appreciates that her Martha Stewart brand must continue to find new expressions. In an expanding food world, it is best to start the conversation than just be part of it.

Bedford by Martha Stewart set to open at Paris Las Vegas
Martha Stewart set to open her first restaurant at Paris Las Vegas, photo provided by Martha Stewart enterprises. Credit Fadil Berisha /

What can guests expect at The Bedford by Martha Stewart?

In a recent announcement from Paris Las Vegas, The Bedford by Martha Stewart is set to open in Spring 2022. Described as ” a fully-immersive restaurant concept designed to bring Martha’s famed country farmhouse in Bedford, NY to life,” this first foray into the restaurant world will be closely watched by all.

With a design direction from Stewart, both the menu and ambiance will reflect the experience of walking into her home. Stewart said, “Our menu will be delicious, depicting the very same kinds of foods I serve my friends and family. The architecture and decoration of the spaces cleverly exemplify the beauty and atmosphere you might find at my beautiful farm in Bedford, New York.”

Expected to be a dining experience unlike any other, The Bedford by Martha Stewart looks to find the delicate balance between impeccable dining and a touch of the unexpected. Although it might not be quite as spirited as the dinners showcased on her VH1 show, it should be a vibrant, engaging atmosphere.