General Mills transforms favorite flavors into delicious Valentine’s Day treats

As Valentine’s Day nears, many foods transform not just with a pink hue but with traditional romantic-influenced flavors. Chocolate, strawberries and a touch of decadence seem to be the flavors of the season. Luckily, many General Mills favorite brands are ready to spread the love for the season.

Certain flavors are often part of Valentine’s Day celebration. While chocolate is often the sweet treat for the season, there are more ways to enjoy it other than another heart shaped candy box.

Another food of the season is strawberries. Whether it is the juiciness of the fruit or the vibrant red color, that fruit is often on center stage.

In addition, chocolate and strawberries are often combined into a treat. While that chocolate covered strawberry may be a decadent option, it isn’t the only way to enjoy that blended flavor.

Why not kick off the day with the limited edition Chocolate Strawberry Cheerios. From the moment the box is opened, the cereal channels those scrumptious chocolate covered strawberries. A touch rich yet still a little tart, it turns the cereal bowl into a delicious treat.

And, don’t miss out on that cereal milk at the bottom of the bowl. The strawberry chocolate flavor is one that someone should bottle.

While this cereal is delightful on its own, it can be the basis for many other treats. Since yogurt parfaits are a great breakfast or treat, why not take those Cheerios and fold them into a favorite yogurt. The added texture is quite satisfying.

For those people who prefer a more indulgent treat, the new Oui Chocolate Shavings Yogurt is more like a dessert. The French style yogurt has a luscious mouth feel. With these new flavors, it could be an easy substitute for a more complicated dessert.

The Oui Chocolate Shavings Yogurt is available in two flavors, Creamy Mocha and Chocolate and Creamy Vanilla and Chocolate. Consider pairing that Creamy Mocha and Chocolate with an espresso for the perfect afternoon treat.

Since the Oui yogurt comes in those pretty glass containers, why not transform them into a sweet gift after enjoying the yogurt. Consider filling the container with some positive notes, affirmations or silly saying for a loved one. Those little sentiments could make any day a little brighter.

The General Mills Valentine’s Day treats should be available at most retailers now. Check with local stores for availablity.