Skip the sweet, savory Valentine’s Day gifts bring the romance

Manly Company MeatHearts, photo provided by Manly Meat Company
Manly Company MeatHearts, photo provided by Manly Meat Company /

Move over heart-shaped chocolate boxes. Savory Valentine’s Day gifts celebrate the sizzle in the romantic holiday. While all that sugar might seem like the sweetest expression, some people have another way to express that love language. Ready to have your heart skip a beat?

As the most romantic day of the year approaches, many people might be wondering what food gift will be the tastiest way to say I love you. Although some people look to fill the table with aphrodisiac foods or that special someone’s favorite food, it can be hard to narrow down those choices.

Although the Valentine’s Day displays and Hallmark movies might make it seem that February 14 is only about sweet foods, the reality is that there are plenty of other ways of saying I love you other than with another spoonful of sugar. And, some of these gift ideas could be the last minute savior when that seasonal aisle looks a little bare.

Make them swoon with these savory Valentine’s Day gifts.


Many people might remember Manly Meat Co’s meat bouquet from last year. Now, the brand offers Meathearts. These heart-shaped beef jerky bites are etched with romantic slogans. For anyone who said, you had me at meat, this gift will make them smile. With phrases like Meat Me and Beef Mine, this food gift might be a cut above.

Maine Lobster tail bouquet kit

Red roses aren’t the only items that can be in a bouquet. The Maine Lobster tail bouquet kit from the Maine Lobster Marketing Collaborative is a gift and dinner in one. Shipped directly, it is a promise to that special someone that dinner will be a tasty one. Luckily, the kit comes with some easy to follow instructions. And, if you don’t serve the lobster tails in a bouquet, that’s ok too. It is the thought that counts.

GiftTree Cheese & Charcuterie Picnic Crate

Sometimes the best gifts come with an activity. Even if snow is piled high outside the window, this Cheese & Charcuterie Picnic Crate can offer a little escape in the middle of the family room floor. Add some blankets, music and maybe even a pretty scene on the television. This Picnic Crate has a selection of meats, cheeses and more. For those bored with the boards, this gift option is a fun twist.

Bees Knees Gift Set

Add a little sizzle to your honey’s life with the Bushwick Kitchen Bees Knees Gift Set. Since hot honey goes on almost anything, this three-pack gift set has the hot honey, salted honey and Meyer lemon honey. Give that pizza a drizzle or upgrade that cheese plate because these honeys bring the flavor.

Heart Shaped Pizza

From Tastes of Chicago, the Lou Malnati’s heart shaped deep dish pizza is back. For anyone who is captivated by that buttery crust, this Chicago classic can be delivered to their door. And, there might be enough to have a slice the day after, too.

Will you be giving sweet or savory Valentine’s Day gifts this year? What food expresses your love language?